There is something so warm and cozy about fall. With the arrival of brisk, sunny days, it’s the perfect time to settle in with a glass of something rich and inviting. This issue, we’re all about spirits. Along with an array of fabulous fall-inspired cocktails, we feature bourbon, Scotch and other dark spirits, all perfect pours to sip on as the season turns. We offer classic, comforting recipes with the everyday meal in mind, and menus perfect for entertaining. So, pull out your favourite sweater, curl up with a glass of something delicious and embrace the beauty of fall. With the many spirited articles featured here and the highly anticipated Premium Spirit Release just around the corner, you’re sure to fall for spirits this season!

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There’s nothing like the first warm days of summer to get you thinking about sun-soaked patios and long, leisurely evenings enjoyed with friends. This issue is all about outdoor entertaining and BC summer vibes. Our “Locally Yours” section showcases local wineries, winemakers and more, with recipes utilizing the bounty of BC. Along with these local stories, there are plenty of entertaining ideas to inspire your next backyard gathering. So, get ready to soak up the sun and enjoy those chill BC summer vibes all season long! BC Summer Vibes

SUSIE KNIGHT CREATIVE DIRECTOR/MANAGING EDITOR Susie leads the content and creative direction of TASTE and holds the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Certification. Born and raised in Vancouver, she is passionate about creating a quality magazine for BC customers and loves producing beautiful images to showcase the recipes and products. Susie enjoys a chilled Provence rosé in summer. CAMI TORGERSON EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Cami leads the creative strategy at BCLIQUOR, providing the overarching vision for retail store design, graphics and TASTE. She has always had a passion for design, creating beautiful spaces, images and campaigns that connect emotionally to today’s consumer. Her advice for design: “ever evolving, and a step ahead on the latest trends.” Cami enjoys a refreshing salted lime lager in summer. CONNIE HUI EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Connie leads the marketing team for BCLIQUOR and is responsible for creating innovative ideas for the brand and magazine. Her in-depth experience in marketing and consumer research allows her to capture the trends that readers are most interested in. She enjoys running and yoga and is an avid foodie. Her summer cocktail is a Limoncello Spritz. LYDIA DEL BIANCO CDP SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Lydia has a BFA from UVic and has studied internationally at the master's level with SVA and SCAD. She has been the senior designer on TASTE since 2009 and leads the in-house design team at BCLIQUOR. Lydia is passionate about typography and branding and sips an Aperol Spritz in summer. RAISA HASANEN GRAPHIC DESIGNER Raisa has a B.Des from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and more than 15 years of experience in design. She sees life through a creative eye and finds joy wading through a sea of colour swatches or balancing even the smallest unit of type. During summer she enjoys a Sheringham Rhubarb Gin cocktail. DIANE SMALLWOOD DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST Diane has a diploma in graphic and visual design and over 25 years of experience in design and production. Her specialty on TASTE is bringing out the best in the photos. She holds the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Certification. In the summer, Diane enjoys an icy-cold Strongbow. KERRILYN WONG MARKETING PRODUCT SPECIALIST Kerrilyn holds the Wine & Spirit Education (WSET) Level 3 certification and the Italian Wine Scholar designation and has a B.Tech in environmental health. She enjoys cycling, exploring Italian coastal towns and hosting dinner parties for friends while creating fun food and beverage pairings to share with customers and readers. Kerrilyn sips on a Paloma in the summer. CAITLIN REID CONTENT & PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Caitlin holds the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in consumer behaviour. She enjoys curating food and beverage experiences CAROLINE RIEDEL ASSISTANT COORDINATOR Caroline has a degree in social communication with a major in marketing & advertising. She has experience working with magazines in Brazil and is passionate about photography. She loves travelling and exploring new places. In the summer, Caroline sips on a Berry Good Sangria (recipe on page 95). for curious palates, and her culinary, travel and hospitality experiences are an asset to the TASTE team’s creative process. In the summer, she enjoys a lime Margarita on the rocks.




summer 2023

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Country of Origin refers to where the product comes from.

POPLAR GROVE PINOT GRIS BC VQA $20.99 196264 This medium-bodied, refreshingly dry Pinot Gris is a perennial crowd-pleaser. This wine is smooth and expressive, showcasing white lilac, citrus and ripe Okanagan peach notes. Pair with chicken kebabs and summer salads.

Dry includes many popular red wines (e.g., Bordeaux, Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir) and white wines (e.g., Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio). Sparkling wines labelled as Brut will also be very dry on the palate. In the former codes, wines would have been labelled as 00. Dry wines have less than 5g of residual sugar per litre. Semi-Dry wines have a hint of sweetness in the mouth and include many Pinot Gris, Rieslings, Gewürztraminers and California reds. In the former codes, wines would have been labelled as 01 to 02. Semi-dry wines have 6g to 24g of residual sugar per litre. Sweet wines will have noticeable sweetness but not enough to be considered dessert wines. Many Moscatos and German wines labelled with the terms Spätlese or Auslese will be included. In the former codes, wines would have been labelled as 03 to 07. Sweet wines have 25g to 79g of residual sugar per litre. Very Sweet wines include the famous dessert wines of the world, like Sauternes, Tokaji Aszú, port and sweet sherries. In the former codes, wines would have been labelled as 08 to 10. Very sweet wines have greater than 80g of residual sugar per litre.


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Find out what everyone is talking about. 64 THE COCKTAIL MENU Featuring Canadian whisky. 79 MORE FOR YOUR POUR 5 wines under $15. 84 ON TREND What’s hot for summer. 104 BCL SELECT Available only at BCLIQUOR. 128 SPECIAL EVENTS 132 RECIPE INDEX 132 TASTE TEST KITCHEN 160 THE LAST WORD Picnic & patio perfect. 96 TALKING TAPAS Spanish tapas are the perfect entertaining cuisine. 100 PLANT-BASED PERFECTION 106 BLANCO TEQUILAS FOR SUMMERTIME MARGARITAS 110 STARRING SEAWEED Discover this versatile ingredient as it takes centre stage. 114 PRETTY IN PINK Provence rosés pair perfectly with summer patios. 118 SWEET HEAT Turn up the heat with these sweet and spicy dishes. 122 SIPPING EN BLANC Raise a glass to these easy breezy clear spirits. 126 SUMMER SPIRIT RELEASE Don't miss the highly sought-after spirits arriving at BCL this summer. Unexpected twists on tasty dishes.


44 REFRESH YOUR SUMMER Make a splash with these new flavours for summer. 50 A SPIRITED BARBECUE This Father’s Day, create “flavour memories” together. 58 DESSERTS WITH PRIDE Celebrate Pride with these delicious and colourful treats. 68 LESS IS MORE Find a lighter approach to wine as the days warm up. 72 ALFRESCO SEASON A seasonal menu best enjoyed with a dash of sunshine. 80 ROSÉ REVAMP Discover a new way to rosé with these pretty pink cocktails. 86 ULTIMATE HOT DOGS Hit a home run with these gourmet hot dogs. 91 GIFTS TO GIVE & SHARE The perfect gifts to share with Dad for Father's Day.

LOCALLY YOURS 6 THE DIVERSITY OF BC WINE Tour the changing landscape of BC and the wine regions that are growing in them. 12 BC MARKET FRESH Fresh from the farmerʼs market, enjoy the bounty of BC. 18 BC SUMMER CRAFT Discover the fruit-influenced beers trending this season. 22 BC SPOTLIGHT: NK'MIP CELLARS Spotlight on this 26 BC RAW BAR groundbreaking local winery. Delicious recipes to showcase the bounty of our BC waters. 32 BC WINEMAKERʼS SUMMER SIPS BC winemakers share their favourite sips for the season.

Blanco tequila for the Margarita win!


Outdoor entertaining made easy with these batched-up cocktails.





No Boats Original Cider is locally crafted with freshly pressed BC apples for you to enjoy a balanced, flavourful and crisp cider.



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BC locally yours

Celebrate the beauty of BC with our “Locally Yours” section. Along with recipes featuring local ingredients and BC wine pairings, we showcase local stories and talents. This issue, enjoy summer sipping tips from a handful of BC winemakers. BC has so much to offer. We can’t wait to share it with you!



The Diversity of BC Wine

It’s the perfect time to celebrate what has become, in quite quick order, a remarkably diverse bottled bounty.

B C Day—and the summer season in general—offers great opportunity to focus on BC wine. It's the perfect time to celebrate what has become, in quite quick order, a remarkably diverse bottled bounty. It’s really only been 40 years or so since BC started getting serious about growing quality wine grapes. Sure, grapes have been grown for wine in BC for hundreds of years, but the sacramental wine made from the first labrusca vines is a far cry from the local Chardonnay and Pinot Noir now swirling in glasses!

Okanagan Valley, BC

In wine terms, this drive to quality has been über-paced (consider the typical thousands of years of grape growing and wine culture history associated with most renowned global wine regions). In less than 50 years the province has grown to become home to more than 1,000 vineyards serving some 400 wineries, and BC wine has already garnered significant international acclaim. Thus, it’s not surprising to see local wineries take the next step in embracing specific growing areas and conditions of the various provincial wine-growing pockets. Yes, BC is getting serious about exploring terroir.


JAMES NEVISON James Nevison is an award-winning wine writer and educator and the co- founder of HALFAGLASS. He is the wine columnist for The Vancouver Province , where his column “The Wine Guy” appears each Thursday. James is the co‑author of seven bestselling books on wine in Canada, including Had a Glass 2015: Top 100 Wines Under $20 . Follow his wine musings @hadaglass.

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC

There are now 22 officially recognized Geographical Indications (GIs) throughout the province, according to Wines of British Columbia. The province of BC remains the primary GI, then there are nine regional GIs and 12 sub-GIs. Just last year, BC’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food announced the establishment of six new sub-GIs (all located within the Okanagan). Why does this matter? There’s been a real push to give distinct BC growing areas their dues, and Geographical Indications help codify the significance of each unique region by guaranteeing provenance. Legally, if a bottle of BC wine carries a GI or sub-GI on its label, the grapes inside must be 100 percent BC grown—and at a minimum 95 percent grown within the specified geographic region. This facilitates both sense of place and sense of pride. Find yourself drawn to the allures of a Riesling from the Lake Country sub-GI? Well, then try another Riesling from another winery with the same sub-GI! With this in mind, here’s a mini-tour of BC wine country through six bottles:

Vancouver Island The Island is home to several wineries, many of which are clustered in the region’s singular sub-GI of Cowichan Valley (the first sub-GI recognized outside the Okanagan). Offering a cooler growing climate in general, Vancouver Island vineyards grow an eclectic mix of vinifera and hardy hybrid grapes. The majority of Island-grown wines are sparkling or white, with the cooler temperatures tending to keep fruit tones bright and acidity crisp. Unsworth Vineyards is a Cowichan Valley champion; look to their Pinot Gris for great Island representation.

UNSWORTH VINEYARDS PINOT GRIS BC VQA $25.99 30432 This classic fruit- forward BC Pinot Gris features pear and apple tones and is nicely balanced in a fresh and texturally engaging style.






FORT BERENS CHARDONNAY BC VQA $23.99 558171 Made from 100 percent estate-grown Lillooet grapes, this is a versatile Chardonnay showcasing bright citrus and orchard fruit with integrated oak and a smooth finish.

Lillooet While Lillooet has a storied history in gold and other minerals, the grape rush may have just begun! Indeed, experimental vinifera vineyards were first planted in Lillooet in only 2004, but since the region boasts hot and dry summer days similar to the Okanagan (and with cooler nighttime temperatures), the wine-growing potential has quickly been realized. These long growing days and significant diurnal swings work well with grapes such as Riesling, Chardonnay and Merlot. Fort Berens Estate Winery has been the biggest Lillooet wine proponent to date, and their estate- grown Chardonnay provides a great first-hand sip of the region.

Lillooet, BC

Similkameen Valley

West of Osoyoos but also with a lengthy produce-growing history, the Similkameen Valley provided a natural spillover progression for BC wine as wine growers looked beyond the Okanagan. Of course, the region has its own distinct character—not to mention its own distinct, mountain-surrounded beauty. With significant winds keeping things relatively pest-free, and bolstered by the heat-reflecting qualities of rocky outcrops retaining heat into the night, the Similkameen is reputedly the organic capital of Canada. This is borne out by the regional typicity of Clos du Soleil’s flagship Bordeaux blend, Célestiale.

Similkameen Valley, BC

CLOS DU SOLEIL CÉLESTIALE BC VQA $29.99 21249 This full-on, rich- yet-elegant BC Bordeaux-style red blend features all five big red grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc,

Malbec and Petit Verdot.




Break It Down Here is a complete list of BC’s

Okanagan Valley As varied and diverse as local wines have become, there is no denying that the Okanagan Valley put BC on the contemporary wine map, and the region continues to be the heart of BC wine country. The Okanagan Valley remains home to more than 80 percent of provincial vineyard acreage and incorporates 11 of the 12 sub‑GIs (or 92 percent!). Indeed, a tour through the Okanagan Valley’s 250 km north- south stretch provides its own varied tour of BC wine. For example, try this three-bottles survey: start with Bartier Bros. Cabernet Franc from the southern Okanagan, move to Poplar Grove Rosé to represent the midsection Naramata Bench, and finish with the sparkling deliciousness from the more northern reaches of Kelowna’s Summerhill Pyramid Winery Cipes Brut. These three bottles highlight the overall diversity found in the Okanagan Valley: warmer temperatures in the south give way to cooler climes in the north, represented by a spectrum of heat-loving, robust reds to lip-smacking, acidity-laden sparkling wines. Six bottles and six distinct BC wine regions. Admittedly, it’s nowhere near enough to cover the province’s true bottled diversity, but it’s a solid starting survey to highlight the unique aspects, or terroir, of different GIs.

BARTIER BROS. CABERNET FRANC BC VQA $29.99 993139 Made with grapes grown in the Cerqueira Vineyard located on Oliver’s Black Sage Terrace, this Cabernet Franc is bold but taut, providing a nice combination of fruit, concentration and grip.

Geographical Indications (GIs) and Sub-Geographical Indications (Sub-GIs): GIs Okanagan Valley Similkameen Valley Fraser Valley Vancouver Island Gulf Islands Thompson Valley Shuswap Lillooet Kootenays Sub-GIs Golden Mile Bench Okanagan Falls Naramata Bench Skaha Bench Cowichan Valley Golden Mile Slopes Lake Country East Kelowna Slopes South Kelowna Slopes Summerland Valleys Summerland Bench Summerland Lakefront

POPLAR GROVE ROSÉ BC VQA $24.99 761528 Pouring a deep salmon pink, this is a quintessential BC blush wine. It is robust, with ample aromas of red berry and citrus fruit with a touch of herbs on the finish.

SUMMERHILL CIPES BRUT BC VQA $31.99 314419 Made from organically grown Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay grapes, following the traditional method with secondary bottle fermentation, this sparkler is bright, rich, creamy and simply delicious!

McIntyre Bluff near Oliver, Okanagan Valley, BC

Naramata Bench near Penticton, Okanagan Valley, BC



BC Market Fresh


LAWREN MONETA Chef, food stylist, recipe developer and mommy, Lawren Moneta’s culinary passion has taken her all over the world. Now based in Vancouver, she loves exploring the ever-expanding food and wine culture the West Coast has to offer.

Grilled BC Halibut Burgers served with Zucchini Pickles

pairs with Market Fresh Dinner

pairs with Market Fresh Dinner

pairs with Market Fresh Dinner

BARTIER BROS. ROSÉ BC VQA $18.99 35609 This soft-pink rosé wine has lively aromas of wild strawberry and rose alongside juicy watermelon and grapefruit flavours. Its dry finish and bright minerality pair well with lighter fare.

RED TRUCK BEER ROAD TRIP CLASSIC LAGER BC $24.99 36577 15 x 355 ml Behold a European- style lager made with Canadian malts and hops. This well-crafted beer has a classic crisp and clean finish, making it the perfect accompaniment for summer barbecues.

LONETREE DRY CIDER BC $13.49 168773 6 x 355 ml Made with locally sourced apples, this dry cider retains its purity of fruit and natural freshness without being cloying. A great summer refresher.



for recipes, see index on page 132

Grilled Bell Pepper & Tomato Salad

pairs with Market Fresh Dinner

pairs with Market Fresh Dinner

pairs with Market Fresh Dinner

CALLIOPE FIGURE 8 WHITE BC VQA $17.99 333880 With ties to the famous Burrowing Owl winery, this wine is bound to be a success. Viognier, Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc come together in this expressive white blend.

PARALLEL 49 UNPARALLELED MIX PACK BC $20.99 207963 8 x 473 ml Kick off summer with Parallel 49 craft beers: Jerkface 9000 Wheat Ale, Space Kitty Juicy IPA, Filthy Dirty IPA and Trash Panda Hazy IPA in a convenient mix pack.

GROW WILD RED BLEND BC VQA $16.99 1647 Inspired by wildflowers that grow in their vineyards, this rapturous red blend consists of Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah. Plum and cherry flavours persist with a subtle spice linger.


for recipes, see index on page 132


Green Bean, Pea & Purple Potato Salad














www.fever-tree.com | @fevertreecanada | #mixwiththebest


BC Blueberry & Hazelnut Galette

pairs with BC Blueberry & Hazelnut Galette

pairs with BC Blueberry & Hazelnut Galette

SEE YA LATER RANCH SPARKLING BRUT BC VQA $24.99 75648 Expect complex notes of baked bread, toasted brioche, lemon cream and orchard fruits with a delicate mousse mouth feel and exuberant bubbles. It’s subtle yet striking.

NO BOATS ON SUNDAY BC CIDER PACK BC $14.49 116356 4 x 473 ml Treat yourself to this unpretentious cider made from 100 percent BC apples. Juicy, sun-kissed apple flavours are balanced with refreshing acidity for this semi-dry cider.

Did you know? BC is one of the biggest highbush blueberry suppliers in the world. It’s no wonder blueberries are Canada’s number one fruit export.



for recipes, see index on page 132

BC Summer Craft


by James Nevison

As the weather warms and the daylight hours lengthen, the timing is perfect for craft beer to get tropical, citrusy and salty.

A dding fruit to beer is a time- honoured brewing tradition. For example, consider the fruit lambics of Belgium. There would be no Kriek lambic without cherries added during fermentation, to say nothing of Framboise or Pêche beers. As we take a closer look at the new BC craft beers arriving on BCLIQUOR shelves this season, a few different—yet considered—fruity directions emerge. The fruit-influenced beers trending this season trend tropical, citrusy and salty. The timing couldn’t be better; beer getting a fruity overhaul for summer signals fantastic refreshment. Beer Gets Tropical Tropical fruit notes are no strangers to beer. It’s actually quite common for many types of hops to be profiled as imparting tropical fruit aromas. This has especially been true in many recent hazy pale ales and IPAs featuring hops such as Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy and Motueka. But along with tropical fruit associations provided by hops, brewers are turning to serious exotic influence from the direct addition of fruits like mango, papaya and guava. These tropical fruits present a nice complement to sour-style beers, amping up the refreshment quotient. Then there are brewers eliciting serious desert island vibes via pineapple and coconut. Case in point is Old Yale

Brewing Co.’s Pineapple Coconut Golden Ale. Part of their Trailblazer Series, the brewery complements a light and easy- drinking Golden Ale with pineapple and coconut. While the pineapple provides real tropical fruit influence, the coconut adds another interesting dimension. Increasingly, brewers are looking to coconut (in both raw and toasted form) to add nuttiness and a creamy body to their brews. The combination makes for a perfect companion for long, sultry summer nights! Beer Gets Citrusy It’s no secret that a touch of citrus can aid beer refreshment. As Exhibit A, consider the classic squeeze of lime into a bottle of Mexican lager. So why not take the next logical step and simply incorporate citrus into the beer? This is exactly what some local breweries have embraced. That said, the approach taken is quite varied. For example, Victoria’s Lighthouse Brewing opts to marry a classic local berry with some bright citrus in their Raspberry Lime Pilsner. A subtle, floral, hoppy note adds to the mix, though there is nothing subtle about the bright, palm tree-emblazoned label art or the raspberry-influenced hazy-red colour of this crisp, refreshing pilsner. The entire package—both figuratively and literally—screams “pour me during the dog days of summer.”

Or why not invoke associations with breezy, languid summer brunches? Total summer vibes abound in the seasonal release from Abbotsford and Chilliwack’s Field House Brewing: Sparkling Citrus Mimosa Sour. The brewery explains this ale was inspired by the lively brunch-time cocktail. There’s no messing around here: citrus comes from the inclusion of blood orange purée and cold-pressed tangerine peel oil, while white wine grape concentrate adds wine-like sophistication (not to mention a dry-hopped dose of Nelson Sauvin for additional fruity tones). Complex, yes, and simply delicious. Beer Gets Salty Summer really is gose’s time to shine. Gose, (pronounced gose-uh ) is a traditional German top-fermented wheat beer that almost went extinct in the mid-20 th century due to the outbreak of World War II and general lack of interest. Traditional gose was spontaneously fermented and tended towards slight saltiness and sourness thanks to its original water sources and the addition of coriander (and to be fair, the addition of sea salt was also not unheard of). While not a very typical beer style, given recent beer trends towards sour and unique, gose is certainly a beer worthy of inspiring modern brewmasters. Which is precisely what’s



Official Beer of Canada Soccer

Official Beer of Canada Soccer


happening in the local craft beer scene. Victoria’s Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. has taken delicious creative licence with their Parrot Eyes Lime Margarita Gose, a beer that certainly lives up to its name by providing both citrus and salty refreshment. In a similar vein, Vancouver’s 33 Acres invokes the gose with their lime-and smoke-influenced Mezcal Gose. The lip-smacking, tart beer incorporates Vancouver Island sea salt and fresh lime zest and juice, and is conditioned on Mezcal oak to, as the brewery describes, “suggest warm, Oaxacan beaches and salt-rimmed cocktail glasses with tiny umbrellas.” In short, big summer energy. Of course, not every beer has to be a gose to be salty and refreshing! North Vancouver’s La Cerveceria cuts right to the chase with their Salted Lime Lager. This is a beer built for efficient and effective refreshment. After all, it’s not easy to shove a wedge of lime into a beer can. Actually, who wants to have to cut a lime in the first place? Brewed with imported Spanish salt and conditioned on fresh Mexican limes, this is a beer truly focused on providing easy enjoyment in the summer sun. Indeed, as the weather warms and the daylight hours lengthen, the timing is perfect for craft beer to get tropical, citrusy and salty. And taking all these trends together creates a perfect mix pack—or at least mixed cooler—of summer refreshment.

OLD YALE PINEAPPLE COCONUT GOLDEN ALE BC $16.79 253562 4 x 473 ml Notes of pineapple and nuttiness come together in this engaging, easygoing Blonde Ale with a nice malty backbone that finishes fresh with a slight hoppy kiss.

LIGHTHOUSE RASPBERRY LIME PILSNER BC $14.29 101995 4 x 473 ml Rad can, rad beer. Everything about this Raspberry Lime Pilsner screams fun in the sun: from Miami Vice graphics to zippy, tart raspberry and lime influences.

PHILLIPS PARROT EYES MARGARITA GOSE BC $13.49 493260 6 x 355 ml A tart entry introduces a great combination of citrus, lime zest and slight saltiness in this lighter-bodied, super refreshing beer that gives off real lime Margarita vibes!

LA CERVECERIA SALTED LIME LAGER BC $14.99 460731 4 x 473 ml Lime and lager is a match long made in beer refreshment, and La Cerveceria takes this lip- smacking lager seriously by brewing with Spanish sea salt and conditioning on Mexican limes.

FIELD HOUSE SPARKLING CITRUS MIMOSA SOUR BC $16.29 492044 4 x 473 ml It’s everyone’s favourite brunch pairing in a tall can thanks to Field House’s take on a mimosa: a robust, engagingly tart sour oozing citrus from blood orange purée and tangerine oil.

33 ACRES MEZCAL GOSE BC $13.99 418729 6 x 355 ml The classic, tart and refreshing Gose-style mezcal gets a West Coast makeover with the inclusion of Vancouver Island sea salt and lime, with time rested on ex-Mezcal barrels for good measure.



BC Spotlight


Photo courtesy of Nk'Mip Cellars


TIM PAWSEY Tim Pawsey is a well-travelled food and wine writer at various publications, including WHERE Vancouver, Quench, SIP, Vitis, The Alchemist and others. Find him at hiredbelly.com and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @hiredbelly and Facebook @TheHiredBelly.

…[Nk'Mip Cellars] was the first Indigenous-owned winery in North America and, at the time, one of just a handful around the world.

Fifty years on, it’s suggested that around 12 percent of today’s entire BC VQA production is made from grapes grown on band-held lands leased to major wineries, totalling some 1,500 acres. A Dream Realized In 2021, band member Justin Hall was appointed NkˇMip Cellars’ first Indigenous winemaker. Hall had grown up watching his family work in the vineyards and winery. He originally trained as a mechanic and worked on the OIB-owned golf course. But, following a chat with Chief Louie, he decided what he really wanted was to work at the winery.

Groundbreaking When NkˇMip Cellars opened its doors in 2002, it was the first Indigenous- owned winery in North America and, at the time, one of just a handful around the world. That vision resulted from a long-standing collaboration between the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB), Andrés Wines and Vincor, which had its origins in the BC industry’s formative days. Early Beginnings In leading the initiative to establish NkˇMip Cellars, OIB Chief Clarence Louie understood full well the potential the winery might offer. In fact, he was building on several decades of the band’s viticultural experience. Inkameep Vineyard, north of Oliver, saw its first 55 acres planted in 1968 through a collaboration with Andrés. The idea behind its development was to provide local employment for the many band members who had to leave home every year to find work. Just finishing high school at the time, current vineyard general manager Sam Baptiste helped clear the land of rocks. In the mid-1970s, under Baptiste’s leadership, Inkameep became home to the first major planting of vinifera in the South Okanagan, representing a bold shift away from hybrids, which at the time made up the industry.

“After bugging the head winemaker (Randy Picton) for about three months, he hired me as a cellar hand. I knew within a week that it was something I wanted to do.” In time Hall enrolled in evening classes at Okanagan University College. After a few years of dragging around hoses, Picton suggested he should “take it to the next level,” so he went to work a vintage in Western Australia and then earned a graduate diploma in viticulture and oenology from Lincoln University in New Zealand.

NK'MIP MERLOT BC VQA $25.99 626416 Forward notes of red and dark berries with vanilla hints precede a structured, youthful palate of cassis, mocha and spice

supported by firm tannins.

Justin Hall Photo courtesy of Nk'Mip Cellars





Not having been in school for 10 years, it wasn’t easy, says the

winemaker. “Everybody else had a degree, a university background, and I did not. But I was the only one there who’d actually been making wine for five years. We all helped each other, though. In the end, it made sense of everything I’d been doing. And I now understand wine chemistry—which I truly love!” Multi-Tasking Hall finds the scope and variety of his profession deeply satisfying. “It’s a little bit of everything. I love the energy and the pace. For every wine, you start out the year with an end design. You have to see where you’re going: how to put it all together, right from fermentation to bottling. Before I even taste the finished wine, I almost know what it’s going to taste like. I get to put the puzzle together before it’s even made. You have to focus. But what I really like is that it brings out the artist in me.” That artistry is already paying dividends, as Hall’s vintages are now winning accolades in their own right. Respect for the Land As NkˇMip Cellars has matured over two decades, an ever-growing number of band members have joined its staff and, like Hall, are playing important roles. Most importantly, its success contributes substantially to the band’s financial independence and consistently high rate of employment. The winery’s Indigenous identity and connection to the land are apparent at every turn, including the use of the Syilx language to name several of its premium wines. With its award-winning wines and unique tasting room featuring authentic First Nations artworks, it’s no surprise that NkˇMip Cellars and patio, and NkˇMip Desert Cultural Centre have blossomed into the South Okanagan’s most visited destinations.

The Patio Restaurant Photo courtesy of Nk'Mip Cellars

NK'MIP TALON BC VQA $32.99 374884 Expect red and black fruit up front with some cedar hints before a plush and generous lengthy palate of mulberry, raspberry and black pepper spice wrapped in supple tannins and refreshing acidity.

NK'MIP DREAMCATCHER BC VQA $26.99 615732 This Riesling-dominant blend with Sauvignon Blanc and Ehrenfelser yields stone fruit and citrus aromas before a juicy, lively,

peach-and-apple palate through a lengthy finish.



BC Raw Bar

BC Spot Prawn Ceviche


TARYN WA Taryn Wa is passionate about creating and sharing beautiful and delicious food. She learned the importance of nourishing others from her mother and grandmothers, and fell in love with cooking at a young age.

BC Albacore Tuna Tataki

pairs with BC Spot Prawn Ceviche

pairs with BC Albacore Tuna Tataki

pairs with BC Albacore Tuna Tataki

MISSION HILL RESERVE SAUVIGNON BLANC BC VQA $25.99 388629 Lemongrass, green apple and subtle herbaceous notes are in harmony with citrus lime and tropical fruit flavours that conclude with zippy acidity and a mineral finesse.

GRAY MONK PINOT NOIR BC VQA $23.99 251835 This quintessential Pinot Noir showcases red cherries and redcurrants accented with delicate spices and a kiss of oak. It’s a food-friendly wine thanks to its

QUAILS’ GATE DRY RIESLING BC VQA $19.99 308312 Key lime and orchard fruit flavours shine while white flowers and wet stone aromas take a back seat. The slightest mark of sweetness appears with a counterbalance of racy acidity.

elegant tannins and light body.



for recipes, see index on page 132

pairs with BC Halibut Crudo

TANTALUS PINOT NOIR BC VQA $39.99 200881 This is an Old World meets New World Pinot Noir with black cherries, violets, cedar and forest floor notes up front. Supple tannins offer depth and structure with cocoa and mineral undertones.

pairs with BC Halibut Crudo

FIVE VINEYARDS CHARDONNAY BC VQA $16.99 518530 This medium-bodied Chardonnay exhibits yellow apple, peach and pineapple flavours. Oak aging influences bring out nuanced vanilla aromatics

and a round and creamy texture.

pairs with BC Spot Prawn Ceviche


Offering plenty of Okanagan orchard fruit aromas like yellow peaches and Golden Delicious apple, this off-dry medium-bodied wine has hints of spice to provide contrast to the fruity aromatics.

BC Halibut Crudo



BC Scallop Crudo with Bacon

pairs with BC Scallop Crudo with Bacon

pairs with BC Scallop Crudo with Bacon

Did you know? When working with raw seafood always use sushi- or sashimi‑grade fish from a trusted fishmonger and review safe‑handling tips with them.


DIRTY LAUNDRY HUSH WHITE BC VQA $19.99 173722 Fresh and fruity! This white blend is comprised of Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. The combination brings forth flavours of ripe pear, lemon and honey and a slight herbal note.

BC VQA $17.99 229096 This Merlot and Malbec blended medium- pink rosé exhibits flavours and aromas of strawberry, rhubarb and cherry with a refreshing citrus finish. It’s a definite crowd- pleaser for the summer.



for recipes, see index on page 132

All-natural, craft & made in Canada. Just as a proper Caesar should be.

The Walter Craft Caesar Pre-Mixed Cocktail. For Caesar Lovers.

@waltercaesar waltercaesar.com

Please enjoy responsibly. Don’t drink & drive.


pairs with BC Oysters


Produced using the traditional champagne method, this sparkler has white peach, citrus blossom, green apple and toasted almond flavours and finishes with lively bubbles.

pairs with BC Oysters

Pickled Pineapple & Chili Oil

FRIND SPARKLING BRUT BC VQA $26.99 40736 This blend is made from Riesling and Chardonnay grapes. Attractive flavours of Anjou pear, green apple and lemon zest share the stage

Nam Jim & Crispy Garlic

with an elegant creamy mousse.

Horseradish & Lemon Granita

pairs with BC Oysters

MISSION HILL RESERVE BRUT BC VQA $27.99 228398 This cheerful sparkling wine has compelling notes of Honeycrisp apple, citrus, peach and pastry with bright acidity, creamy mousse

and a refined mineral finish.



for recipes, see index on page 132

BC Winemaker’s Summer Sips

C risp! Clean! Juicy! All words often used to describe BC VQA wines. Thanks to their fruit-driven styles underpinned by hallmark acidity, our local wines add up to the perfect summer companions for patio and barbecue living. When you talk to winegrowers from elsewhere they’re often truly envious of our major diurnals—the difference between hot days and cool nighttime temperatures that helps grapes retain their natural acidity. To kick off summer, we asked six Okanagan winemakers to weigh in on some of their favourite summer sips.


“I was really pleased with this year’s vintage; the blend of two-thirds Pinot Gris and one third Gewürztraminer makes it an ideal, fruit- driven patio wine. It had a fennel nose, which seemed to come from the Pinot Gris, while Gewürztraminer brought a citrus element, leaning towards grapefruit. Even though it’s one of our sweeter wines this year, we picked early to keep the pH in check and hang on to a decent amount of acid, so as to not seem overly sweet. It’s always good with wild greens with caramelized walnuts. And I also really enjoy it with our potato truffle pizza at Terrafina [restaurant].”



by Tim Pawsey

To kick off summer, we asked six Okanagan winemakers to weigh in on some of their favourite summer sips.


“This vintage is a bit different, as the wine has a little more Pinot Gris than usual. The wine is a bit fruitier—but still crisp with nice bright acidity and is very fresh. The sugars are in check with lots of citrus and apple notes and moderate alcohol. One of things I’ve always liked about Chasselas is it’s so clean, and with low alcohol, perfect for sipping as a social wine. It’s great with just about any seafood, teased up with a little lemon juice, or grilled summer vegetables with some Parmesan cheese.”



“This wine is really fun to make. Very hands-on with three separate picks. The first (about half the fruit) is early, for acidity. The next, about two weeks later, goes into stainless steel barrels, with lees stirring for texture and complexity. And the final one, a late pick, goes into large, neutral French oak. I like to make a Pinot Gris that’s a little bit different from elsewhere in the valley. It’s quite full-bodied, so good with roast chicken with tarragon, and that little bit of sugar makes it excellent with Indian food and spices!”





Blasted Church EVAN SAUNDERS, WINEMAKER “This is a great summer wine. Because it’s Viognier-dominant, it has a lovely stone fruit, apricot and peach profile along with orange notes from the Muscat and some spice from the Gewürztraminer. We also pick the Viognier earlier to help keep the alcohol levels down. Served chilled, it’s really enjoyable on its own. But the Viognier also helps it stand up to heartier white meats, like chicken and fish—because it’s not too delicate.”


St. Hubertus Estate & Oak Bay ANDY GEBERT, OWNER “Gamay grows so well in the North Okanagan. But because it’s compared with Pinot Noir, it doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. It’s one of those multi-faceted wines that can be made as a gorgeous rosé but also as quite a serious red with lots of exciting flavours, including dark cherry and spice notes. For us, summer is all about the barbecue, which never shuts down. Try it with grilled peppers, couscous or risotto—or with any kind of fresh seafood.”



“This is one of my ‘go-to’ wines for summer, because it’s so juicy, refreshing and versatile. It’s a blend of 70 percent Chardonnay, 28 percent Pinot Blanc and 2 percent Syrah, bringing together varieties that BC does best. Strawberry, cherry and floral aromas lead the way to raspberry and melon with a citrus finish. It’s delicious on its own, but its juicy brightness makes it a great choice for Sunday brunch with creamy hollandaise or, at a summer cookout, a skewer of prawns or barbecued salmon.”




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Product Consultant’s Choice

BCLIQUOR’s Product Consultants are here for you! Our experts are specially trained in wine and spirits through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). They are here to help you find the perfect pairing, gift or product for any occasion. Visit your local Signature BCLIQUOR store today for their expert advice. SHELDON STARRETT WSET LEVEL 3, WSET LEVEL 1 IN SAKE AND BC WINE AMBASSADOR LEVEL 2 Richmond Brighouse Signature BCLIQUOR, Richmond

“Wine, beer, rum and whisky all contain the stories of hundreds of hands coming together to deliver each bottle. I get to share these stories with customers, matching according to their tastes.”

FIELD HOUSE BREWING DARK SOUR BC $17.29 358278 4 x 473 ml Field House’s Dark Sour is an iconic local sour beer bursting with loads of Fraser Valley blueberries and blackberries. The taste is powerful with bold, yet juicy, ripe dark fruits. Enjoy it cold on a hot summer day.

RON ZACAPA 23 YEAR SOLERA GRAN RESERVA RUM Guatemala $85.99 152645 Rich and creamy with baking spices, roasted nuts and toffee delighting the nose. The finish lingers on the palate. Drizzle over any Piña Colada this summer!

GARZÓN TANNAT RESERVA Uruguay $27.99 199810 With a bouquet of cherry, raspberry,

black plum and delicate spices, Garzón Tannat is

fresh, juicy and full- bodied with a long finish. Pair it with lamb and roasted meats.



DAENNA VAN MULLIGEN Daenna Van Mulligen is a Vancouver- based wine journalist, but is typically found in the world’s vineyards. She is also a wine judge, accredited sommelier and international speaker. Daenna is publisher of the long-

FIVE ALIVE 1½ oz (45 ml) Altos Blanco Tequila ½ oz (15 ml) Aperol ¾ oz (22 ml) Mandarin Sherbet * 1/4 oz (7.5 ml) passion fruit purée ½ oz (15 ml) fresh lime juice 2 dashes Saline ** 1 dash Ricard Pastis de Marseille 45 1 lemon and 1 lime wheel, for garnish Rim a rocks glass halfway with salt. In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients, shake hard and strain into prepared glass. Add ice and garnish with lemon and lime wheel. * To make Mandarin Sherbet, add 1 cup (250 ml) mandarin rinds (about 20 mandarins) to a zip-top plastic bag and cover rinds completely with 2 cups (500 ml) sugar. Set aside and allow to sit overnight. Blend flesh of mandarins to a pulp and strain through a mesh strainer. Discard pulp, add juice to prepared rind sugar and stir to dissolve. Strain out rinds. Transfer to a clean bottle, allow to cool and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. ** To make Saline, add 2 tsp (10 ml) kosher or sea salt to 7 tbsp (100 ml) water; stir to dissolve. B ritish Columbia native Kelsey Ramage was born in Fernie and raised in Salmon Arm—at age 18 she moved to Toronto to study fashion marketing. While at school, Ramage worked in a nightclub, which launched a career that has spanned the world. From pop-up bar concepts and international cocktail creations to designing her own glass collection, Ramage is proving to be a driving force in a new era of the drinks industry. WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO VANCOUVER? After living in Toronto, I needed to reset. I started bartending at the [now closed] Oakwood restaurant in Vancouver and became the general manager. While I was there, I became a sommelier and simultaneously decided I needed to dive running websites WineDiva.ca and WineScores.ca. She has been published in numerous local and internationally distributed publications and is a regular contributor to Vines Magazine and, more recently, Montecristo Magazine . Follow her @thewinediva.

Bar Star

Kelsey Ramage of Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions


At Mount Pleasant the drinks I make are playful. I like the history of silly food products that we can recreate into hilarious drinks.

Tequila Competition in 2016, which I won with a seasonal, zero-waste cocktail called Never Die—and following that I was able to travel all over the world with my company, Trash Collective Inc. WHAT IS TRASH COLLECTIVE INC.? It was originally formed in 2016 as an anti-waste bartender education platform and touring pop-up bars, which have reached over 100 markets worldwide. We are a global consultancy company designed to create and execute menus from concept to cocktail with a focus on bartender technique, efficient systems, tighter operations and sustainability. WHAT BROUGHT YOU BACK TO VANCOUVER? I was based in Toronto and tired of the snow when my friend Cam Bogue opened Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions last year. He was in need of a bar manager, so I returned in December 2022.

MOUNT PLEASANT VINTAGE & PROVISIONS IS A JUXTAPOSITION OF A HISTORIC RENOVATED HOME MEETS MODERN SOARING CEILINGS AND WALLS OF WINDOWS. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE INTERIOR? It’s vintage ’70s kitsch! Think of walking into your grandma’s living room with lots of throwbacks, including neon, green and orange wallpaper and mid-century modern sofas. WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? Jeff Parr, who owns AnnaLena—back when we worked at the Oakwood together he encouraged me to become a sommelier. Also, Ryan Chetiyawardana was the brain behind Dandelyan—his approach to cocktails is like no one else’s in the industry. He taught me a lot about working with people and how to self-promote and create unique brands.

deeper into the cocktail world. I needed to go to the place that was leading cocktail trends, post the New York era, so I went to London. TELL US ABOUT LONDON. For nearly two years, I did a bunch of stages then ended up at Dandelyan [once awarded best bar in the world] in the Mondrian Hotel where I was lead bartender. We received a bunch of accolades, which gave me a platform to really grow my brand. I was the Global Champion in the Altos


I’m interested in fermentation so I’m always experimenting with fermentations. I also

ingredient in Five Alive

ingredient in Five Alive

ingredient in Five Alive

OLMECA ALTOS PLATA TEQUILA Mexico $49.49 762773 Made using tahona- crushed agave for added body and flavour, this clear and colourless tequila has aromas of smoked bacon, citrus and white pepper followed by herbal and floral flavours.

RICARD PASTIS DE MARSEILLE 45 France $36.49 15693 A refreshing anise and licorice-flavoured aperitif created by Marseille native Paul Ricard. The secret recipe is composed of a blend of natural ingredients.


Italy $29.49 144071 This vibrant orange- hued aperitif from Italy is renowned for its bittersweet orange zest, rhubarb and vanilla flavours. Layers of herbs and sweet spices add to its complexity.



Tito’s & Soda. Always Good. However you like it.


like to deep dive into seasonal locally grown products—and I love colour, bright and beautiful cocktails that taste delicious. TELL US ABOUT THE CRAZIEST DRINKS YOU’VE MADE. I owned a ’70s-inspired cocktail bar in Toronto pre-COVID called Supernova Ballroom and made a Bellini with clarified miso syrup and peach wine fermented in Champagne yeast for five days, topped with orange bitters and Prosecco. At Mount Pleasant the drinks I make are playful. I like the history of silly food products that we can recreate into hilarious drinks. For example, the Peach Emoji, which is peach purée, Ketel One Vodka, Maker’s Mark Bourbon and miso bitters. Five Alive is made with Aperol, Altos Blanco, mandarin sherbet, passion fruit and lime. Or the Cinnamon Toast Punch—we macerate Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with coconut milk and add Plantation Stiggins’ Pineapple Rum and Reifel Rye and clarified lemon—it’s spicy-so-good! WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO DRINK ON A NIGHT OUT? Jack Daniel’s and Coke. I like it simple. WHAT’S YOUR DESERT ISLAND DRINK? A tiki drink—Three Dots and a Dash. That’s my test of a bartender; it’s hard to balance. It’s a combination of so many spices and three types of rum, so it’s hard to get right.

ingredient in Back to Cali

ingredient in Back to Cali

BACK TO CALI 1½ oz (45 ml) Beefeater Gin ½ oz (15 ml) Amaro Montenegro ¼ oz (7.5 ml) Prosyro Kalamansi Syrup * ¼ oz (7.5 ml) Simple Syrup **

BEEFEATER LONDON DRY GIN United Kingdom $26.99 570

AMARO MONTENEGRO Italy $41.99 601484 This bittersweet Italian herbal liqueur is comprised of 40 botanicals and is complex with velvety- rich flavours of clove, vanilla, orange peel and cilantro. It’s excellent as a digestif or for crafting innovative cocktails.

¾ oz (22 ml) lemon juice 2 dashes orange bitters lemon twist, for garnish

This bold and distinct London Dry Gin has been made in the heart of London since 1863. Bold juniper flavours with lemon peel, angelica root, almond and coriander are featured.

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake hard and double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

* Can be found online or at specialty cocktail stores. ** 1:1 ratio of sugar dissolved in boiling water. Allow to cool before using.



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