The Last Word picnic & patio perfect

IZUMI YUZU & LIME SAKE COLLINS Canada $22.99 396198 Ready-to-drink Asian sipper made with Japanese yuzu juice and fresh sake for a refreshing sweet yet tangy concentrated citrus taste. Serve over a tall glass of ice with splashes of soda water.

APEROL SPRITZ READY TO SERVE Italy $13.99 445299 3 x 200 ml The most popular Italian cocktail, Aperol Spritz, is now in a ready-to-serve format. It’s bright orange in colour with a complex bittersweet orange and herbal taste. Perfect for summer alfresco dining. Cin cin!

Settle into BC summer vibes and be prepared for any event that comes your way. Here’s a selection of ready-to-drink beverages, perfect to pop into a cooler for an impromptu picnic or patio party. Simply add ice or a dash of soda where desired and you’ll be ready to just chill. Need to chill-out fast? Here are some cool tips: • If you are in a rush to chill that bottle of wine before an event, wrap a couple of sheets of damp paper towel around it and pop it in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. Or add ice cubes, water and salt to an ice bucket to chill in just 10 to 15 minutes. • If you made last-minute plans and need to make ice fast for cocktails, use hot or boiling water in metal or silicone moulds. The hot water freezes 20 to 30 percent faster than cold water.

ON THE ROCKS EFFEN COSMOPOLITAN USA $22.99 108790 375 ml Here is a bar-quality and bar-strength Cosmo cocktail that’s ready to go, made with vodka from the Netherlands, Triple Sec, lemon zest, cranberry and lime. Simply pour over ice and serve.

BERINGER MAIN & VINE LEMONADE STAND LEMONADE MOSCATO USA $11.99 403541 Savour summer in a glass in the form of Lemonade Moscato. Delightfully sweet Moscato wine is infused with freshly squeezed lemonade in a bright, juicy citrus finish. Simply open and enjoy over ice.


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