TASTE Spring 2023

Refresh Your Palate

JOSE CUERVO SPARKLING PALOMA USA $10.49 430830 4 X 355 ml Paloma fans rejoice! Jose Cuervo answers your spring break adventures by delivering your favourite cocktail in a user-friendly can that retains all the invigorating sparkling bubbles you enjoy.

SIMPLY SPIKED LEMONADE MIX PACK Canada $28.29 430838 12 x 355 ml Inspired by Simply’s authentic fruit juices, this is the launch of an alcoholic beverage rendition offering full-flavoured Blueberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon Lemonade beverages.

VERVE GIN SMASH MIX PACK BC $26.99 441229 12 x 355 ml Creatively blended in British Columbia, Verve launches new, all-natural, must-try gin smash flavours in Cucumber Melon, Blood Orange Tonic, Grapefruit Spritz and Blackberry Lemon. Get yours today!

LONE RIVER RANCH WATER ORIGINAL HARD SELTZER USA $13.99 454408 4 x 355 ml Lone River combines the distinctive flavours of tequila from organic agave nectar, refreshing key lime juice and soda water in a convenient, ready-to-go can. Only 80 calories each.


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