TASTE Spring 2023


Photo courtesy of Michter’s Distillery

MICHTER’S US 1 SMALL BATCH KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY USA $95.99 66183 An outstanding whisky for any occasion, this small- batch bourbon boasts notes of caramel with balanced vanilla, stone fruit, maple and nutmeg with a sweet and smoky charred oak finish. Try it neat or in an Old-Fashioned.


Despite graduating with a master’s degree in chemical engineering, Wilson was unable to find a job in whisky and instead, worked as a consulting engineer. Eventually, an opportunity emerged to work with Diageo, where she spent over a decade working up the ranks, and finally holding the Director of Distillation and Maturation, North America position. In 2014, she took a new role with Michter’s Distillery to expand her distilling experience. “I was really attracted to the philosophy around quality at Michter’s, the passion for hiring amazing talent, and focus on creating a culture centred around making the best American whiskeys,” notes Wilson. A Kentucky native, Wilson believes that bourbon is part of the history and heritage of the state, “so, there was just a natural attraction to the industry.” Whether it was ‘natural’ or a by-product of hearing countless tales from her great uncle about his time at Seagrams, Wilson has committed herself to the bourbon industry for decades. In addition to holding dual roles of Master of Maturation and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Michter’s, Wilson has also served with the Kentucky Distiller’s Association (KDA) as both a board member and alternate board member continuously since 2005. In 2009, she became the first female ever to serve as chair of the KDA, and most recently, was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame® in 2022 for her contributions to the industry.

…for the industry to continue to grow, we need to continue to increase the diverse backgrounds…

A true advocate, Wilson enthusiastically remarks: “It is an amazing time to be in Kentucky bourbon! With the explosive growth of the industry, it is opening many opportunities for women to explore their full potential in a variety of careers… In order for the industry to continue to grow, we need to continue to increase the diverse backgrounds within it.”



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