TASTE Spring 2023

Photo courtesy of Dewar’s


As the Master Blender at Dewar’s for more than 16 years, Stephanie Macleod is responsible for preserving the famed blending legacy of the world’s most awarded blended Scotch, Dewar’s, as well as overseeing five other single malt Scotch whiskies in the Bacardi portfolio including Aberfeldy and Craigellachie. Before taking on her role with Dewar’s, Macleod studied food sciences in university. What initially attracted her to the industry was the chemical and sensory side of whisky. “Whisky is inherently complex but the process to create it is relatively simple— and one small change to that process can create a dramatic difference to the resulting whisky,” remarks Macleod. She goes on to emphasize that “it’s a spirit that lends itself to experimentation and creativity.” To stay on top of her game, Macleod focuses on “creating a spirit of curiosity” with her team. Macleod chooses to lead by example, working with a team that is predominantly composed of women. She stresses that her team members were not hired inherently due to their gender but because “they are all the best people for the roles they fulfill.” Macleod believes “We need to ensure that our workplaces reflect the evolving demographic of our appreciators.” She notes, “The notion that ‘whisky is a man’s drink’ and the industry is ‘just for men’ is ebbing away thankfully with more women than ever before currently enjoying the rich, diverse flavours of Scotch whisky.”

We need to ensure that our workplaces reflect the evolving demographic of our appreciators.

DEWAR’S 12-YEAR-OLD DOUBLE AGED BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $44.99 601757 This blended Scotch is light and smooth with notes of honey, dried fruit and hints of oak. Its delicate sweetness is balanced by a slight smokiness, creating a complex Scotch. Vanilla and dark caramel lead to a refreshing finish.

DEWAR’S WHITE LABEL BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $26.49 11130 The pillar of Dewar’s portfolio, this blended Scotch is full of rich honeyed sweetness, citrus, vanilla and fresh baked biscuits. Viscous on the palate, sweet cereal, almonds and a hint of smoke lead to a mouth-watering finish.


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