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Single Malt Scotch FLAVOUR PROFILE: FRUITY & HONEYED Single malt Scotches provide enormous variety for imbibers, and it would be unfair and downright inaccurate to lump them into just one category. That being said, when we look at the traditional style of production in the Speyside region of Scotland, many distilleries produce Scotches that are fruity and honeyed in style. Two of the best-selling single malt Scotch brands in the world, The Glenlivet and Glenfiddich, are renowned for their approachability and undoubtedly contain fruity and honeyed notes. However, if you’re looking to gift something different but along similar lines, The Singleton 12-Year-Old , which is produced by Glendullan Distillery, is an excellent value alternative. At under $60 a bottle, the Singleton 12-Year-Old is double distilled and aged predominantly in ex-bourbon casks, giving it notes of brown sugar, baked apples and creamy toffee. This expression can be sipped neat but works wonders in cocktails, especially a Mamie Taylor. Something Speyside-adjacent, not in proximity, but in style, is Oban Little Bay produced by Oban Distillery. Located in the waterfront resort town of Oban, the distillery was built before the town itself was established. Due to limited space at the distillery (as the town was essentially built around it), they are only able to conduct one distillation run per day. The Little Bay expression, which gets its name from the English translation of the Gaelic word oban , possesses delightful stone fruit, spice and honey notes, similar to Speyside Scotches but with distinctive maritime salinity and a subtle hint of smoke.


OBAN LITTLE BAY SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $119.99 569137 Imagine yourself in a quaint seaside town enjoying the soft aromas of oranges, stone fruits, honeyed brioche, golden plums and hints of brine and smoke. Spiced cashews, marzipan, coconut and smoked honey linger on the palate.

Japan has unequivocally perfected the art of blending when it comes to whisky, and continues to produce balanced and complex pours. Not all great whiskies need to be bursting with intensity—the subtleties of a well-crafted, delicate blend can be equally rewarding on the palate. For example, Suntory’s Hibiki Harmony presents creamy layers of citrus fruits, green apples, florals and exotic wood. In addition to the exquisite quality of the blended whisky itself, the bottle is a showstopper on any bar. Its 24 glass panels are meant to serve as a visual representation of the 24 hours in the day and 24 divisions of the solar year, or sekki in Japan. Another option that’s more value- driven is the little sister to Hibiki Harmony, Suntory Toki . Toki , which means “time” in Japanese, displays similar floral and citrus fruit notes to that of Hibiki, but with a slightly more herbaceous edge. From sweet and rich to delicate and balanced, gifting based on the styles in this guide will put you in the holiday spirit this season.

THE SINGLETON 12-YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $55.99 891739 An exceptional selection (and price point) for Scotch-based cocktails, this single malt presents notes of baked apples, buttery biscuits, brown sugar and spiced vanilla on the nose. The palate is full with stewed fruits, toffee, nuts and light roast coffee. Spicy oak dances on the finish.

SUNTORY TOKI BLENDED JAPANESE WHISKY Japan $61.99 855445 On the nose are subtle notes of honey, green apples, pears and a slight hint of basil. The palate extends to grapefruit, green grapes and peppermint followed by vanilla oak, white pepper and ginger on the finish.

SUNTORY HIBIKI JAPANESE HARMONY WHISKY Japan $149.99 358390 Elegant and precise, this stunning Japanese whisky subtly presents notes of vanilla, coconut, green apples and spring florals on the nose. On the palate, more vanilla and spiced coconut are contrasted by macadamia nuts, honeysuckle and eucalyptus.



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