TASTE Spring 2023


IPA’s exciting, bitter kiss. Just look to lighter, more sessional IPAs. Such is the selling point of Featherweight from Delta’s Four Winds Brewing, which packs 60 IBU into a mellow 4.5 percent ABV IPA stance, bringing together bold, hoppy tropical and pine nuances with a refreshing, lighter body. It’s a combo that aids in overall food pairing and a perfect meal would be Baja-style fish tacos made with the first fresh fish of the season, topped with a fruity salsa. Blonde Ale & Spring Garden Salads Sure, blonde ale, a.k.a. golden ale, derives its name from its pale yellow to gold colour. But for all the romantics, perhaps it can—and should—also align with spring’s burgeoning rays of sunshine. Blonde ale is typically known for its overall approachable style, with both moderate malt and hops bedecked by evident carbonation. This is all on display with Tofino Brewing’s Blonde Ale, offering a nice mix of earthy malt and citrusy hops. Is it too early to start eating meal-sized salads? Summer hasn’t quite arrived, but this approachable beer is made for alfresco adventures, so whip up a salade niçoise or a plate of pea shoots, pecorino and crispy chickpeas and head out on to the patio on a nice spring day.

STRANGE FELLOWS TALISMAN WEST COAST PALE ALE BC $13.29 508739 4 x 473 ml Strange Fellows’ core Talisman Pale Ale is a year-round go-to, a solid all-round ale with classic citrus, tropical fruit and crisp hop notes.

TWIN SAILS BREWING DAT JUICE CITRA PALE ALE BC $14.79 17216 4 x 473 ml Juicy and unfiltered,

unabashedly smooth and fruity, Dat Juice brings heady citrus aromatics

complemented by a crisp hoppy stance in an outsized style of pale ale.

MT. BEGBIE HIGH COUNTRY KÖLSCH BC $12.49 884858 6 x 355 ml Delicate, clean and refreshing, the lighter-bodied High Country Kölsch checks in at 4.5 percent ABV and 12 IBU, making it very versatile with food.

STEEL & OAK RED PILSNER BC $13.99 36296 4 x 473 ml Caramel malts are the secret ingredient in this floral, crisp pilsner lending the beer its telltale copper colour and hint of complementary sweetness.

FOUR WINDS FEATHERWEIGHT IPA BC $14.29 29023 6 x 355 ml Featherweight is a win-win. Resplendent with all the tropical fruit and pine notes to sate hopheads, yet wrapped in a modest, light-bodied and refreshing 4.5 percent ABV.


BLONDE ALE BC $12.99 37468 4 x 473 ml Tofino’s Blonde Ale certainly skews alfresco, pouring its namesake blonde colour and providing a nice robust mix

of earthy malt and refreshing, citrusy hops.



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