TASTE Spring 2023

LARA VICTORIA Lara Victoria, DipWSET, CSW is a WSET Certified Educator. Her training as a chef, along with her extensive qualifications in wines, spirits and sake, make her a credible expert in food pairings. She teaches, judges and writes on these subjects internationally and is a hospitality consultant. See her work on www.laravictoria.com and follow her @laravictoria.cheers.

Avocado Lime Entremets

pairs with Lemon Daises

pairs with Lemon Daises

pairs with Avocado Lime Entremets

ACQUESI ASTI Italy $20.99 712331 This delectable Moscato wine is attractive inside and out. Sweet honey, peaches and lemon zest are a perfect pairing for lemon


NÜTRL VODKA SODA MIX PACK Canada $28.99 161579 12 x 355 ml

Canada $28.99 55379 12 x 355 ml Tempo’s gin soda mix pack features authentic Lemon Mint, Strawberry Lemon, Grapefruit and Mango Peach flavours that are sure to please party guests. Mix and match with a variety of fruit-based desserts.

Nütrl’s 100 calories per 355 ml can mix pack includes Classic Lime, Lemon, Cherry and Strawberry flavours. A no-additive, no- preservatives option for party guests.

treats, pastries and meringue.



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