TASTE Spring 2023


Pea & Herb Frittata

pairs with Pea & Herb Frittata

pairs with Pea & Herb Frittata

MUD HOUSE SAUVIGNON BLANC New Zealand $23.99 459636 The crisp snow pea, nettle and citrus notes are in perfect synergy with the herb and pea frittata, while juicy guava and melon notes provide a fruity counterpoint to all the green flavours.

T & V CARÉME TERRE BRÛLÉE CHENIN BLANC South Africa $22.99 182934 A round palate is accentuated by flavours of golden apples, marmalade, lemon meringue and baked pastry. A fine ribbon of acidity makes this dry wine a good companion to pan-fried frittatas.

Did you know? Peas are one of the most widely cultivated foods in the world.



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