TASTE Spring 2023

The Last Word spirits in bloom With its classic juniper

backbone, gin truly is the perfect spirit for spring. Thanks to experimental distillers, there can be a bouquet of botanicals to discover in every glass. So, in the spirit of spring, sip and explore the many budding blooms to be found in your next favourite gin.


CITADELLE GIN France $35.99 232587 Behind its Art Deco visage, notes of violet, sweet orange, lemon peel, coriander and floral brightness unfold to reveal an exquisitely ethereal spirit.

United Kingdom $54.99 637504 Evocative of a Monet garden, this gin is an aromatic floral bouquet created by infusing rose and cucumber with 11 botanicals including chamomile, elderflower, juniper, lemon and orange peel.

VICTORIA DISTILLERS EMPRESS 1908 INDIGO GIN BC $53.99 6968 Butterfly pea flower is used to create the stunning colour of this gin, but Empress 1908 also features rose petals, black tea, grapefruit peel and juniper.

BRUICHLADDICH THE BOTANIST ISLAY DRY GIN United Kingdom $52.99 368597 Botanist Gin is laden with floral ingredients such as elderflower, creeping thistle flower, gorse flower, heather flowers, hawthorn flowers and lady’s bedstraw flowers that pay homage to Islay.

Flowers On Ice Add a dash of beauty and sophistication to your next spring gathering by popping flowers into your ice moulds. The ice can be used as an elegant base for chilling bottles of wine, or use edible flowers in the ice to add a splash of spring to cocktails.


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