TASTE Spring 2023


Sauvignon Blanc

TEDESCHI CAPITEL TENDA SOAVE CLASSICO Italy $23.99 252335 This is a fresh, zesty white with crisp acidity, medium body and flavours of peach, lemon, green apple and pear with some stony minerality on the long finish.

IF YOU LIKE SAUVIGNON BLANC, TRY SOAVE. The consistently intense, grassy and tropical nose of the Sauvignon Blanc grape has that hit of flavour and refreshing acidity that makes it a staple in many refrigerators around the world. If you are craving something with a similar zippy, lively taste but are open to a little more complexity, give the region of Soave a try. Soave, made with the Garganega grape in the Veneto area of Northeast Italy, will deliver a similar medium body and crisp acidity, but with some different flavours of stone fruit, chamomile and wet stone minerality if you pick one labelled from the “Classico” part of the region.

Pinot Noir

BATASIOLO BARBERA D’ALBA Italy $17.99 311555 Flavours of juicy red cherry, raspberry, red plum and black pepper with light tannins and a hint of tobacco and leather characterize this vibrant, fresh, light-bodied red.

IF YOU LIKE PINOT NOIR, TRY BARBERA. The silky charm of Pinot Noir has beguiled many of us over the years and its different expressions around the world offer plenty of diversity. However, there is a host of other red grapes that also offer the lighter body, refreshing acidity and milder tannins that make Pinot Noir so appealing. One of those is Barbera, a grape grown in the Piemonte region of Northwest Italy. Known for its crisp acidity, bright red cherry fruit and just a hint of savoury earthiness, it can be a fun and tasty alternative.


KEN FORRESTER OLD VINE RESERVE CHENIN BLANC South Africa $22.99 120202 This rich, full-bodied, ripe white delivers intense flavours of golden apple, quince, pineapple, honey and grilled peach with some caramel and vanilla notes and a salty, mineral finish.

IF YOU LIKE CHARDONNAY, TRY CHENIN BLANC. Chardonnay can appear in many guises, from the lighter, racy, stony French Chablis to the voluptuous tropical and oaked examples from California. Another grape that can land on the fuller, richer side, handle a little bit of oak and yet offers refreshing acidity to keep everything in balance is Chenin Blanc. While it is widely grown in the Loire Valley, it is also South Africa’s most planted white grape and it is the riper, richer examples from South Africa that offer a fun alternative to Chardonnay.



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