TASTE Winter 2022-23

Dutch Baby Pancakes with Limoncello Curd & Meringue

pairs with Dutch Baby Pancakes

ingredient in Dutch Baby Pancakes

ingredient in Banana Bread Doughnuts GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE France $46.99 1784 Made with 51 percent fine French cognac and 49 percent orange essence, this exceptional quality liqueur has notes of candied citrus peel, bitter orange, vanilla and toffee. It is a mainstay in bars and kitchens alike.

BRILLA! PROSECCO Italy $22.99 250041 Who can resist the sparkles found inside and out? Delicate and fruity notes of peach, green apple, acacia and lily aromas are backed by a fresh palate and balanced acidity. Great in a mimosa or on its own!

ROSSI D’ASIAGO LIMONCELLO Italy $27.99 353987 The electric zing of Sicilian lemons really pops in this sweet, zesty Italian liqueur. It’s guaranteed to make your lemon meringue

or limoncello cocktail sing!


for recipes, see index on page 129

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