TASTE Winter 2022-23

recipes and food styling by Lawren Moneta

Pork Belly with Quail Eggs & Hashbrown Hearts

pairs with Banana Bread Doughnuts COPA DE ORO COFFEE LIQUEUR Mexico $19.99 529032 This golden liqueur made of Arabica coffee beans delivers rich espresso, vanilla and exotic spice flavours. Perfect in coffee, hot chocolate or a White Russian cocktail.

pairs with Pork Belly with Quail Eggs VARIAS GENUÍ CAVA BRUT NATURE Spain $18.99 134687 Brut Nature means no additional sugar was added to this wine. An excellent palate cleanser for rich foods, the persistent bubbles leave lingering flavours of apples, pears, citrus, almonds and biscuit.

pairs with Pork Belly with Quail Eggs

LINI 910 LABRUSCA LAMBRUSCO REGGIANO FRIZZANTE Italy $22.99 30163 Layers of ripe cherries, blueberries, dark plums with a savoury side of sweet herbs, salinity and tart acidity make this sparkling Lambrusco ideal with cheesy pizza, olive oil and hearty pork belly.



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