Sweeten the Season nostalgic whisky gifting

T he holiday season has a remarkable way of transporting us back in time, as familiar scents, twinkling lights and cherished traditions evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the magic woven into these timeless celebrations. Just as the aroma of Grandma’s famous fruitcake or freshly baked gingerbread cookies can reignite memories of cozy kitchens and festive tables, those same scents in our favourite whiskies can also evoke the holidays. Whether you’re looking for gift-giving inspiration or want to purchase a bottle to share, here are five styles of whisky that mirror the flavour profiles of our favourite holiday sweets. For bonus gifting points, wrap up these gifts with the sweet treats that inspired them.


For Gingerbread Cookie Lovers Gingerbread cookies are characterized by the richness of molasses, the spice from ginger and cloves, and the gentle hint of cinnamon, culminating in a perfectly balanced nostalgic delight. Rye whisky possesses naturally occurring compounds like eugenol, which gives cloves the aroma we associate with that spice, as well as cinnamaldehyde, found in cinnamon, making rye whisky a perfect pick for gingerbread lovers. In Canada, by law, rye whisky does not need to contain rye; however, a number of Canadian distilleries are producing high‑rye expressions. In particular, Reifel Rye, which is made with more than 90 percent rye, is a robust whisky that strikes a great balance between baking spices, honey and baked apple notes.


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