TASTE Winter 2022-23


PARALLEL 49 SALTY SCOT SEA SALTED CARAMEL SCOTCH ALE BC $2.99 209101 473 ml This unique, local nod to a Scottish “wee heavy” brims with sweet caramel flavours, tempered by sea salt for a complex, malty and salty drop. Think glazed ham, toffee pudding or peanut butter brittle.

HOYNE BREWING DARK MATTER BC $14.29 38550 6 x 355 ml A mildly hopped, roasted and creamy classic dark lager that’s perfect with barbecued foods, cheese and cold cuts— or for sipping by the fire on a rainy evening.

Did you know? Over the years, pairing stout and oysters has proved so popular that some craft brewers briefly add the meat, nectar—

and even shells—right into the brewing kettle, for a decidedly mineral, briny streak.

The Light in the Dark Such heady, high-octane brews are not for every taste or budget. Many darker options come with less of a punch and lend themselves well to a variety of food parings. Originally made in Germany and Eastern Europe as bottom-fermented beers with roasted malts, dark lagers tend to be lower in alcohol but offer similar flavours to their heftier counterparts. Interestingly, while we associate the term “lager” with lighter, warm- weather styles, those early lagers were always dark. BC craft lagers run the gamut from sweeter, toasty caramel to smokier styles. Considering dark lager’s Germanic origins, classic food matches range from sausages to smoked meats and goulash, aged Gouda or applewood smoked Cheddar. Next time you’re looking for the perfect brew to serve with a hearty winter meal, why not try a dark and warming BC craft porter or stout?

OLD YALE BREWING SASQUATCH STOUT BC $7.99 288605 650 ml This impressively dark and smooth West Coast stout delivers generous, roasted malt notes of espresso and chocolate. It’s ideal with smoked brisket, strong cheeses or French onion soup.

LIGHTHOUSE BREWING KEEPERS STOUT BC $13.29 164663 4 x 473 ml This local riff on a classic Irish stout is rich and malty with espresso and dark chocolate notes through a dry finish. Try it with oysters or other shellfish, steak and kidney pie or smoked salmon.

WILDEYE BREWING SMOKED PORTER BC $14.99 93182 4 x 473 ml A unique, North Van porter that gets its smooth, rounded chocolate, caramel and smoky notes from being brewed with oak-smoked wheat. Be adventurous and enjoy it as an ice cream float!

FIELD HOUSE BREWING SALTED BLACK PORTER BC $15.79 23683 6 x 355 ml This black porter is brewed with traditional Dutch salted black licorice to yield coffee, licorice, chocolate and caramel flavours with a rich malt profile and sweeter notes.



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