TASTE Winter 2022-23

ingredient in Beer & Cheese Fondue HOYNE BREWING PILSNER BC $14.29 38610 6 x 355 ml This classic Eastern European pilsner made with Czech Saaz and Hallertau Hersbrucker hops is bright and crisp with a hint of sweet malt character balanced by warm spiciness. Enjoy après anything!

recipes and food styling by Taryn Wa

pairs with Beer & Cheese Fondue GEHRINGER PRIVATE RESERVE DRY RIESLING BC VQA $15.99 347492 This dry Riesling boasts juicy peach, apple, kiwi and honey flavours backed by bright acidity and stony minerality. It’s a refreshing complement to every cheesy mouthful.

Beer & Cheese Fondue served with Mustard Pretzel Bites

pairs with Beer & Cheese Fondue

CATEGORY 12 BREWING PATHWAY PALE ALE BC $13.49 279959 4 x 473 ml This vegan-friendly pale ale is a medium- bodied, easy-drinking beer that has a crisp and clean finish. An excellent thirst- quencher after rounds of gooey cheese.



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