TASTE Winter 2022-23

recipes and food styling by Taryn Wa

French Onion Dip

pairs with Crab & Mushroom Dip

pairs with French Onion Dip

pairs with French Onion Dip


PHILLIPS BREWING REVENGE COLD IPA BC $13.29 415982 6 x 355 ml Fermenting this IPA at lower temperatures has achieved a super clean, crispy product with a very dry mouthfeel and subtle bitterness on the finish. It cleanses the palate and brings sweet, salty, umami flavours into focus.

SEGURA VIUDAS ROSÉ CAVA BRUT Spain $17.99 5835 This attractive rosé Cava offers bright strawberry, red cherry and grenadine notes with a creamy mousse and light citrus finish. It will match well with the crab and mushroom’s sweet, salty, umami flavours.

New Zealand $19.99 692863 Grapefruit, kiwi, passion fruit and lime zest set the stage for this dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc. It’s the perfect match for chips and dips, veggie platters, seafood and salads.



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