TASTE Winter 2022-23

Champagne-Marinated Olives with Feta

pairs with New Year’s Appies

pairs with New Year’s Appies

pairs with New Year’s Appies

ALVEAR FINO SHERRY Spain $23.49 112771

PFAFFENHEIM PFAFF PINOT GRIS France $23.99 616144 This Alsatian delight is a sultry, off-dry expression of peaches dipped in honey, melon, honeysuckle perfume and juicy freshness. This will pair nicely with the Lamb & Walnut Puffs when topped with the tart kiwi salsa.

TERRANOBLE CASABLANCA VALLEY VEGAN PINOT NOIR RESERVA Chile $18.99 495595 This fruit-driven Pinot Noir is laden with ripe red cherries. The tannins are soft and plush. This vegan wine drinks merrily from zesty, herby appetizers, through to savoury main courses, all the way to sweet chocolate ganache desserts.

This dry sherry shows off fresh baked bread,

toasted almonds and briny sea salt with restrain and finesse. It induces cravings for Ibérico ham, olives, roasted nuts, tangy cheeses and fried fish.


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