TASTE Winter 2022-23

JOANNE FACCHIN Joanne began her culinary training in Paris, France before embarking on a 30-year career as a food stylist and writer. She is founder and CEO of Coco et Olive Café. Joanne continues to expand her culinary horizons and keen creative passion for all things delicious and beautiful.

Ingredient in Cranberry, Grand Marnier & Pecan Relish

Ingredient in Apple & Calvados Butter PÈRE MAGLOIRE FINE VS CALVADOS France $59.99 163436 This apple brandy is made from a single distillation of apple cider from Normandy. It has the natural, tangy acidity of fresh apples with hints of pear, dried apricot, butterscotch and honeyed ginger notes.

GRAND MARNIER CORDON ROUGE France $46.99 1784 Blended from 51 percent fine French cognac and 49 percent distilled orange essence, this is top shelf luxury in the orange liqueur category. Expect a round, mouth-coating orange marmalade, vanilla, hazelnut and toffee flavours tempered by zesty bitter orange peel.

Ingredient in Bourbon-Soaked Cherries BUFFALO TRACE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON USA $42.49 605063 Crafted from the finest corn, rye and malted barley, Buffalo Trace exudes rich warm flavours of butterscotch, toasty vanilla, honey, orange peel and caramel. The smooth, round finish lingers on the palate.

Ingredient in Bourbon-Soaked Cherries


LIQUEUR Italy $33.99

209403 500 ml Made using sour Marasca cherries, this crystal-clear liqueur has a lovely cherry bouquet and a delicious palate with sweet and lightly syrupy flavours of cherry compote and cherry preserves.



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