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The Categorization of Liqueurs

There is no distinct formula or set of requirements to produce a liqueur other than the use of a base spirit, flavour and sugar, so the number of combinations is infinite. There are, however, some basic categories based on the ingredients used. Herbal liqueurs are flavoured with flowers, herbs, roots or spices. There is no better example than Chartreuse Green, made by the monks of the Carthusian order following a secret recipe from 1605 as an “elixir of long life” using over 130 different botanicals. The Chartreuse Sour shown on page 54 highlights the unique flavour journey that led to this wonderfully complex liqueur. Fruit liqueurs get their dominant flavour from the pulp, skin, peel or pit of a fruit. Chambord is a great example, modelled after a liqueur originating in the Loire valley during the late 17 th century, made from blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, vanilla, citrus peel, honey and cognac. The Chambord Bramble cocktail featured on page 56 focuses its attention on the liqueur, complemented by almonds.

THE NUTCRACKER 1 oz (30 ml) Frangelico ½ oz (15 ml) Baileys Original Irish Cream 4 oz (120 ml) hot chocolate whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a cherry for garnish Prepare your favourite hot chocolate recipe then pour into a heated coffee mug and combine with Frangelico. Top with whipped cream then drizzle Baileys over surface, sprinkle with chocolate shavings and top with a cherry.

BAILEYS ORIGINAL IRISH CREAM Ireland $29.99 5959 The world’s first cream liqueur, launched in 1974, Baileys combines a base spirit of Irish whiskey with a little chocolate and vanilla for its distinctive flavour. Baileys has since introduced many other flavours such as; colada, salted caramel, espresso, apple pie, red velvet and almond, just to name a few.

FRANGELICO LIQUEUR Italy $29.49 169441 Presented in a bottle resembling the habit of a Franciscan friar, Frangelico was first created in 1978, made from hazelnuts grown in Piedmont and subtly combined with coffee, cocoa and vanilla extracts.



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