TASTE Winter 2022-23


pairs with Starry Linzer Torte

ACQUESI BRACHETTO PIEMONTE SPUMANTE DOC Italy $20.99 87257 This semi-sparkling sweet red wine from Northern Italy showcases rose petal aromas and candied strawberry and raspberry flavours. It’s excellent with chocolate ganache and berry tarts.

pairs with Starry Linzer Torte

SANTERO ASTI Italy $19.99 846337 This sweet Italian frizzante is balanced by bright acidity, enticing exotic aromas and citrus, honey and orchard fruit flavours. It is the perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit, pastries and desserts.

pairs with Strawberry Pistachio Cake BAJA ROSA Canada $24.99 305748 This strawberry cream liqueur made with real dairy cream and natural strawberry flavour is the perfect accent to the berry fruits in the pistachio cake.

Starry Linzer Torte



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