TASTE Winter 2022-23

A re you someone who enjoys meticulously planning presents months in advance of the holiday season, or are you more of a last-minute panic purchaser? Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between? Regardless of your gift-giving style, when it comes to the world of whisky, choosing a gift for someone (whether in advance or last minute) can be challenging. The key is to know which whisky or whiskies you’re going to purchase before you shop. And making a game plan can be as easy as 1-2-3. Your Whisky Gift-Giving Guide

1 Pick one or two flavour profiles that appeal to your recipient’s palate. 2 Establish a price range that you’re comfortable spending on a bottle. 3 Follow this guide to select the perfect gift!

In this whisky gift-giving guide we explore five different flavour profiles that tie into bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey and Scotch, and offer low and high price point suggestions for each category to make sure you’re covered, regardless of your budget.


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