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aromatics while Pinot Noir delivers finesse and structural balance. ROSÉ You got it, Champagne bubbles in various shades of pink from both, vintage and non-vintage offerings. Producer Champagne houses tend to deliver signature flavour profiles that consumers can reliably expect. For example, Krug is known for robust wines with distinct autolytic characteristics, while the Champagnes of Barons de Rothschild can be crisp and fresh on the palate. This is particularly true for NV as reserved wines from multiple vintages are blended to produce this signature taste. On the other hand, grower Champagne can be terroir-driven. That is why, this category is growing in popularity as they deliver uniquely expressive wines. Region Champagne boasts a diversity of terroirs that influences its wines. Pinot Noir thrives in Montagne de Reims to the north. Vallée de la Marne offers ideal growing conditions for Pinot Meunier. Côte de Sézanne and Côte de Blancs favour Chardonnay. Côte de Bars in the south is gaining market attention with affordable options for the cost-conscious consumer. Offering so many options, Champagne is indeed the champion of choices. Yet, it is the singular authority for ultimate quality in sparkling wines. While many have emulated its style, none have come close to its incomparable distinction. Nothing says celebration quite like Champagne. So, this holiday season, or any time of year for that matter, if you have something to celebrate, like life itself, you now know exactly what to look for! Santé!

CHARLES HEIDSIECK BRUT RÉSERVE France $73.99 884775 Persistent tiny bubbles deliver crab apple and pear flavours punctuated by toasty umami notes of mushroom with a rich mouthfeel and a complex, luxuriously long finish.

BARONS DE ROTHSCHILD CHAMPAGNE BRUT France $91.99 182709 Crisp, mouth- watering Asian pear, lime and a

biscuity savouriness adorn this elegant Champagne that is balanced with bright acidity, leaving the palate with refreshing finesse.

LARMANDIER- BERNIER LATITUDE BLANC DE BLANCS EXTRA BRUT France $98.99 759936 Dry, complex and active with pure orchard fruit and savoury minerality, this grower Champagne gushes with bubbles of citrus freshness throughout its long, clean finish.

PERRIER-JOUËT BELLE EPOQUE BRUT 2012 VINTAGE France $249.99 267880 A rounded palate exuberantly expresses ripe melon, citrus zest and brioche through a luxurious moussant with layered, lingering complexity. Superlative now and for years ahead!

MICHEL LORIOT AUTHENTIC MEUNIER BLANC DE NOIRS BRUT France $61.99 593434 A floral and herbaceous bouquet graces this elegant Champagne with a nougat-like mousse, delivering unbelievable value. This versatile Champagne offers tremendous food pairing flexibility.

LAURENT- PERRIER CHAMPAGNE CUVÉE ROSÉ BRUT France $108.99 158550 Ripe, red berries, redcurrants and a whisper of rose and thyme unveil an expressive palate with a generous mouthfeel smothered with delicate, insistent bubbles.



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