TASTE Winter 2022-23

recipes and food styling by Taryn Wa

White Chili with Chicken

pairs with Vegetarian Chili Nachos PERSEPHONE BREWING PALE ALE BC $14.79 437608 6 x 355 ml If your tongue is on fire from one too many irresistible jalapeños, this light, citrusy, tropical pale ale is just the drink to put out the blaze.

pairs with White Chili with Chicken

pairs with White Chili with Chicken

TANIA & VINCENT CARÊME TERRE BRÛLÉE CHENIN BLANC South Africa $21.99 182934 Round flavours of golden apples, yellow plum, lemon meringue and baked pastry characterize this wine. A fine ribbon of acidity keeps this dry wine deliciously fresh. Perfect with poultry and white sauces.

LEFFE BLONDE ALE Belgium $14.79 315457 6 x 330 ml Reach no further than this classic Belgian pale ale to add an extra touch to simple dishes and crispy finger foods. Expect floral and spicy notes of vanilla and cloves.



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