TASTE Winter 2022-23


for both digestion and contemplation (and at this rate, a bottle of Amaro should last through the winter). If worried about overt bitterness, opt for Averna Amaro Siciliano. It’s a cola- coloured, unctuous pour that effortlessly melds its herbal and citrus tones to an evidently sweet core, providing an overall easygoing style of Amaro. Spirits: Blended Scotch If winter is coming, there may be a time that calls for something more spirited! Whisky also sees its share of roasted malts and packs a robust punch, making it a shoo-in for the cabin collection. Yes, there are all manner of single malts that would fit the bill, but for an all-purpose fireside tipple there’s no need to get precious. Pick up a bottle of blended Scotch whisky such as Cutty Sark and appreciate its melange of herbaceous notes, vanilla and smoky peat. The simple things in life can create real comfort and coziness. Wine: Sparkling Wait just a second! Isn’t sparkling wine all about bright acidity and exuberant excitement? How does this fit the entire cabin collection canon? Well, the reality is that any occasion can warrant good bubbles. And well, there’s something absolutely endearing (and comforting) about seeing the sparkle in a companion’s eye as the sparkling wine and conversation flows amongst the backdrop of a crackling fire and snow falling all around. Just make sure the bubbly is rich and toasty!


STEAMWORKS FLAGSHIP HAZY IPA BC $16.99 51210 8 x 355 ml A fulsome, sweet malt backbone is complemented by big time tropical and forest floor hop influence in this local hazy IPA, ready to serve as a true fireside conversation starter.

296244 4 x 440 ml This classic stout is poured the world over. Guinness Draught provides all the expected rich, velvety and chocolate goodness in the comfort of home (or cabin).

WIRRA WIRRA CHURCH BLOCK RED BLEND Australia $24.99 19380 Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon come together in this South Australian stalwart that transmits the sun’s warmth any time of the year through its robust dark fruit complemented by engaging savoury undertones.

AVERNA AMARO SICILIANO Italy $39.49 536672 Pouring cola-coloured and unctuous in the glass, this classic amaro trends toward the accessible side thanks to an evident sweetness that complements

its bitter, herbal and citrus tones.

CUTTY SARK BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $25.99 3400 Cutty Sark’s approachable melange of herbaceous notes, vanilla and smoky peat equals a classic blended Scotch whisky long appreciated by writers and cabin dwellers alike.

SUMMERHILL CIPES BRUT BC VQA $31.99 314419 This Okanagan sparkler is made following the traditional method (secondary bottle fermentation) from organically grown Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. It’s bright, rich, creamy and overall delicious.



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