TASTE Winter 2022-23

recipes and food styling by Taryn Wa

Singapore Noodles with Prawns served with Sambal Belacan

pairs with Yu Sheng Salad

pairs with Singapore Noodles with Prawns

pairs with Singapore Noodles with Prawns

POL ROGER RÉSERVE BRUT CHAMPAGNE France $79.99 51953 The first course of the New Year calls for bubbles! Pol Roger Réserve Brut answers with poached pear, quince, lemon zest and candied ginger flavours on biscuity brioche fine mousse

MUMM NAPA BRUT PRESTIGE USA $30.99 265678 This Napa Valley example of traditional method sparkling is aged 18 months on yeast to give toasty biscuit accents over red apple, stone and citrus fruit flavours. It’s refreshing sipped with spicy, flavourful prawns.

SELBACH MOSEL RIESLING Germany $20.99 23242 A juicy, off-dry Riesling is the perfect order after dipping deeply into spicy tangy sambal belacan sauce. The wine’s fruit notes harmonize with the lime juice in the sauce while off-setting the heat of the chilies.

in this elegant Champagne.



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