alcohol-free options Stocking Your Bar

HEINEKEN 0.0 ALCOHOL-FREE BEER Netherlands $11.79 208002 6 × 330 ml Heineken 0.0 is a non-alcoholic lager that is double- brewed to blend natural flavours and remove alcohol. This refreshing, fruity, soft- malted beer makes a great substitute for alcoholic beverages.

GUINNESS 0 NON-ALCOHOLIC DRAUGHT Ireland $12.49 264060 4 × 440 ml Unmistakably Guinness but without the alcohol. This stout features the same dark colour with sweet and bitter chocolate and coffee flavours alongside a classic smooth and creamy roasted profile.

DHŌS GIN-FREE NON‑ALCOHOLIC SPIRIT USA $29.49 499752 Enjoy all the flavours of gin without the alcohol, sugar or calories! Up front fresh pine and juniper berry aromas fade into notes of dried citrus, spearmint and coriander.

BOTTEGA DE‑ALCOHOLIZED SPARKLING LIFE ROSÉ Italy $9.79 521928 Through thoughtful research and innovation, Bottega’s zero-alcohol sparkler captures ripe, fragrant strawberries and juicy watermelon flavours in a rosy- pink, effervescent beverage with a touch of sweetness on the palate.

OLÉ COCKTAIL MARGARITA MOCKTAIL Canada $13.49 375986 4 × 355 ml A first of its kind, this Margarita mocktail incorporates the beloved tangy lime and lightly sweetened flavours of its alcoholic counterpart but without alcohol and without compromising its signature taste.

SEEDLIP NON‑ALCOHOLIC SPIRIT GROVE 42 United Kingdom $42.49 375983 700ml Embraced by the world’s best bars, Seedlip introduces a sophisticated, high-quality non- alcoholic spirit that offers Mediterranean citrus, lemongrass and ginger with a crisp and clean finish.



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