TARYN WA Taryn is passionate about creating and sharing beautiful and delicious food. She learned the importance of nourishing others from her mother and grandmothers, and fell in love with cooking at a young age.

Spinach Feta Rolls

pairs with Baked French Toast

pairs with Spinach Feta Rolls

pairs with Spinach Feta Rolls

MOTT’S CLAMATO CAESAR ORIGINAL Canada $12.49 569418 4 × 355 ml The classic taste of Mott’s Clamato is premixed for your convenience. Enjoy this classic Canadian cocktail with savoury brunch fare. Look for a new can format in the new year.

FOUR WINDS FEATHERWEIGHT IPA BC $14.49 29023 6 × 355 ml A modestly hopped, light-bodied, refreshing IPA from Four Winds checks all the boxes for a standout beer. Tropical fruit and herbal pine notes yield to a crisp, clean finish.

BAILEYS DELICIOUSLY LIGHT Ireland $31.49 46400 This lighter version of Baileys Original Irish Cream contains 40 percent fewer calories and 40 percent less sugar without compromising the delicious vanilla

and cocoa taste and silky texture.



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