pairs with Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Feuille

CAROLANS IRISH CREAM Ireland $29.99 108357 A fine blend of farm- fresh cream, Irish whiskey and naturally harvested honey creates a liqueur that is silky smooth with a touch of sweetness, making it perfect for sipping over ice.

Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Feuille

pairs with Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Feuille


Canada $27.99 774497 Inspired by the Canadian bootleggers who would age and transport whisky in cocoa barrels, this Canadian rye whisky displays a decadent rich chocolate flavour ending with a delightful sweetness.

pairs with Raspberry Cheesecake Semifreddo

FRESITA SPARKLING WINE INFUSED WITH STRAWBERRIES Chile $18.99 299404 Strawberries are macerated in Chilean sparkling wine to produce a sweet and fruity crimson red bubbly. Pairs well with berry compote toppings and afternoon tea desserts.


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