CHARLENE ROOKE Charlene Rooke is a drinks journalist and educator who teaches WSET spirits courses internationally, leads tastings and distillery tours and judges spirits competitions. She is the Academy Chair for the Canada West region of the World’s 50 Best Bars.

Maison No. 9 Rosé & Post Malone

It may surprise you to learn that musician Austin Richard Post (better known as Post Malone) is the celebrity behind this elegant rosé. He and two of his pals followed their passion for pink wine all the way to the south of France, where they tasted many grape varieties and more than 50 rosé blends with a famous winemaker before bottling Maison No. 9. “Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy,” reads a quote from Malone on the wine’s website. In interviews, he’s said that the dry, grapefruity wine pairs with his favourite food: chicken fingers! Try it with charcuterie and cheese or a seafood raw bar.

MAISON NO. 9 ROSÉ France $29.99 107967 A pretty nose of strawberry,

watermelon and lemon zest delivers a crisp and dry rosé with lingering savoury, almost salty notes.

Photo by Adam Degross

Blackened American Whiskey & Metallica Many a heavy metal fan has been told their beloved music sounds like noise. The band Metallica worked with distilling, engineering and design experts on Blackened’s patent- pending Black Noise system, which blasts casks of aging whiskey with Metallica playlists. They say the sound waves create rich coconut, vanilla and butterscotch flavours. Blackened is a blend of bourbon and rye whiskeys, which harmonize through maturation in brandy casks. The spicy smooth whiskey really sings in a highball with ginger ale or a Manhattan.

BLACKENED AMERICAN WHISKEY USA $80.99 486363 Intense crème brûlée and spice notes on the approach turn to unexpectedly fresh mint on the palate, plus maple and apricot as the whiskey opens.

Photo Courtesy of Blackened American Whiksey



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