delicious time-honoured dishes that bring forth good fortune. One is braised pork knuckle made from pork trotters with fat choy, onion, ginger, chu hou paste, oyster sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar and Chinese cooking wine. Another favourite is braised dried oyster made with fat choy, sliced pig tongue, crispy pork belly, dried oyster, ginger, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, Chinese cooking wine and dark soy sauce. In this issue, a special Mott 32 menu was selected, and the dishes were paired with BC wines, so TASTE readers and home cooks can indulge in three classic dishes meant to bring prosperity for all in the new year. First, a whole lobster salad with julienned vegetables, tossed in a soy‑sesame dressing. It is an elegant, refreshing and deeply satisfying dish meant to be shared by the entire table. Next, a crispy umami bomb of dried oyster bean curd roll filled with shiitake mushrooms and preserved Chinese sausage. And finally, braised chicken with chestnuts and aged Chinese wine. Undoubtedly Mott 32’s menu is fit for a dragon—and a year of good luck, strength and good health.

Lobster Salad

Photo Courtesy of Mott 32

pairs with Lobster Salad

pairs with Lobster Salad

pairs with Dried Oyster Bean Curd Roll

FRIND SPARKLING BRUT BC VQA $26.99 40736 Attractive flavours of Anjou pear, green apple and lemon zest share the stage with an elegant creamy mousse. This blend is made from Riesling and Chardonnay grapes.

PHANTOM CREEK PINOT GRIS BC VQA $34.99 58485 This Alsatian-style Pinot Gris features ripe stone fruit, lemon curd and honey flavours, ending with a waxy, creamy texture on the palate from a portion aged in oak.

TANTALUS PINOT NOIR BC VQA $35.99 200881 An Old World meets New World Pinot Noir with black cherries, violets, cedar and forest floor notes up front. Supple tannins offer depth and structure with cocoa and mineral undertones.



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