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Mott 32 prepares sophisticated modern variations on traditional Lunar New Year, with dishes that everyone will equally enjoy.

Mott 32 has created a dining experience that stands out in a city brimming with outstanding restaurants and has received prestigious accolades, including from Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants and the Chinese Restaurant Awards. At the helm in the kitchen is Chef Hong Wei He. Born in Enping, China, Chef He moved to Vancouver in 1990 and established himself as a cook, primarily in Richmond restaurants. However, the proudest moment of his career was being promoted to head chef at Mott 32 in March of 2023. Chef He has a fondness for rich noodle dishes, which are a staple in Cantonese cuisine and lend nostalgic ties to his upbringing. His affection for his craft is

obvious. “If my guests are happy, I am happy,” he says. Among the many signature menu items, his favourite dishes to make are the succulent lobster mapo tofu, showcasing Atlantic lobster from Nova Scotia, and the tantalizing triple-cooked black Angus short rib. “It is a privilege to get to work every day with my incredible team. I find such joy in bringing the flavours of my heritage to Vancouver, a vibrant cultural mosaic and a place I call home,” Chef He shares. For Lunar New Year on February 10, Chef He, along with Hong Kong- based Chef Lee Man Sing, Mott 32’s group Chinese executive chef, have designed a mouth-watering menu.

Photo Courtesy of Mott 32

Chef He explains: “In Western culture, Thanksgiving and Christmas are bigger holidays, but Lunar New Year is the most special moment for us to come together to celebrate, to share our year’s achievements and toast to the prospective new year.” Mott 32 prepares sophisticated modern variations on traditional Lunar New Year, with dishes that everyone will equally enjoy. Many of the dishes, not only the Cantonese dishes, are nostalgic for people who come from different regions of China. Spending time with family is equally important to Chef He during the holiday. If his schedule allows, he and his family will gather for a family reunion dinner. Chef He will make

Dried Oyster Bean Curd Roll



Photo Courtesy of Mott 32

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