Syrah & Charcuterie Board WINTER EXPERIENCE: BOARD GAME NIGHT WITH FRIENDS Structured and smoky, Syrah delights with aromas of black pepper, black fruits and meat. With its origins in France and now the hallmark grape of the Northern Rhône, Syrah is British Columbia’s fifth-most- planted red grape variety. Striking that perfect balance between power and finesse, Syrah works well with many foods and flavours. And what better way to show off its versatility than with a beautifully arranged cheese and charcuterie board. Fill the board with fresh and dried fruit, an array of nuts, mustard, preserves and sweet fruit spreads for a casual and colourful entertaining option during the cold winter season.

BLASTED CHURCH SYRAH BC VQA $29.99 37531 Pronounced blackberry, blueberry, sagebrush and bacon aromas fill the glass with this sensational Syrah. Lively acidity leads to an elegant and finessed finish.

Cabernet Franc & Vegetarian Chili WINTER EXPERIENCE: APRÈS-SKI

Known as a blending grape throughout Bordeaux, France, Cabernet Franc shines in British Columbia as a single variety expression. Here is a fun wine fact to impress your friends: Cabernet Franc is the parent of both Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The hearty black grape adapts to many climates and ripens earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc’s flavour profile includes raspberry and strawberry, herbaceous notes of rosemary, fresh bell pepper, crushed gravel and pencil shavings. Vegetarian and tomato-based dishes pair beautifully with Cabernet Franc due to its high acidity and herbaceous profile.


This big, robust, full-bodied Cabernet Franc from Tinhorn Creek is one to enjoy. Its vibrant acidity elevates the palate, making way for strawberry, rhubarb and mocha powder notes.

Merlot & Red Wine Mushroom Risotto WINTER EXPERIENCE: WATCHING HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA OR MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Marvellous Merlot reigns supreme as British Columbia’s most-grown grape variety, with over 750 hectares planted. Hailing from the Bordeaux region of France, Merlot derives its name from the grape’s resemblance to the blue-black feathers of a blackbird (merle). Merlot ranges from smooth, easy-going and fruity to full-bodied, ageworthy and refined. Tantalizing flavours like plum, cherry, cocoa, vanilla and bay leaf are typical of Merlot and pair beautifully with creamy mushroom risotto. Substitute Merlot for the white wine typically called for in this recipe, and you will captivate your guests with both the hue and flavour of this attractive pairing. Rich and textured, this wine and food combination is comforting and inviting.

SANDHILL MERLOT BC VQA $21.99 576751 Structured yet subtle, Sandhill’s Merlot delights the taste buds with this full-bodied wine. Tart cherry, raspberry, plum, black tea and sweet spice fill the palate.



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