TARYN WA Taryn is passionate about creating and sharing beautiful and delicious food. She learned the importance of nourishing others from her mother and grandmothers, and fell in love with cooking at a young age.

Spinach, Pumpkin & Bacon-Stuffed Portobellos

pairs with Spinach, Pumpkin & Bacon-Stuffed Portobellos YALUMBA Y SERIES VIOGNIER Australia $19.99 624502 Honeysuckle, chamomile, spiced pear and fresh apricot aromas entice the nose while the refreshing yet silky, generously weighted body coats the palate.

pairs with Spinach, Pumpkin & Bacon-Stuffed Portobellos ANGUS THE BULL CABERNET SAUVIGNON Australia $19.99 110510 Angus The Bull steps in and displays heaps of ripe black fruit, savoury herbs and smoked vanilla oak on a medium- to full- bodied wine that is soft around the edges.

pairs with Mushroom & Tofu Soba Noodle Soup SAPPORO PREMIUM BEER Canada $17.29 455541 6 × 500 ml Sapporo is an iconic and refreshing lager with a light, clean and easy-drinking style that delivers an elusive malt flavour and citrus notes.



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