BCLIQUOR Product Consultants

No matter what assistance you seek from a PC, you can be certain you’ll receive knowledgeable advice. The minimum qualification for this role is a Level 2 Certification from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Commonly referred to as WSET, this organization is regarded as the gold standard for wine, spirit and sake education globally. To ensure customers get uncompromised service, BCLIQUOR offers these and other

industry-approved qualifications for PCs and facilitates regular product tastings with BCL category managers, winemakers, master distillers, brewers, educators and other experts in the field. Study tours to BC’s very own Okanagan Valley also add invaluable and in-depth knowledge of the region, its wine producers and the spectacular wines they produce.

Product consultants are also encouraged to participate in annual trade festivals like the Vancouver International Wine Festival and Hopscotch to keep up‑to‑date knowledge of market trends, both locally and internationally. It is no wonder, then, that PCs are well qualified to advise on product selections for every BCLIQUOR customer, whether those customers are seasoned collectors or curious novices. With a BCLIQUOR product consultant by your side, you’ll always have access to great products, trusted advice and exemplary service. So, pop into a Signature store, ask to speak with one of the PCs on duty and experience the Signature advantage! They are always delighted to share their product knowledge and particularly enjoy finding the perfect beverage for you.

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