BCLIQUOR’s Signature Advantage

sign on the front of the store, or find them by looking for the “S” icon under the “Stores” tab at bcliquorstores.com. In addition to convenient features like longer operating hours, a wider selection of regular and specialty products, and even tasting bars in many locations, these sprawling stores also have curated specialty areas such as fine wines and spirits. Here you can find premium wines and spirits from regions and producers of renowned provenance, for a special occasion or for your cellar. Most notably, Signature stores host BCLIQUOR’s much-anticipated annual events, such as the Bordeaux Release and Premium Spirit Releases. Collectors line up for hours, if not days, to be among the few who get to buy these rare, hallowed offerings. The biggest Signature advantage, however, are the product consultants (PCs). Our Signature BCLIQUOR stores have PCs to assist you with your product needs. They can exponentially improve your shopping experience.

B CLIQUOR (BCL) is one of the oldest and largest retail stores in the province today. With 198 locations across BC, BCL offers customers convenient access to a wide selection of beverage alcohol from both local and international producers. If you live in BC, you may be familiar with your local BCLIQUOR stores and have perhaps noticed some of them donning an eye-catching “Signature” sign. Have you ever wondered whether there’s a difference between a regular BCL store

and a Signature store, and what those differences might be? If you haven’t experienced a Signature BCLIQUOR store, you may be missing out! Let’s look at why they are worth a visit. The Signature Difference Currently, 25 of BCLIQUOR’s 198 locations are Signature stores. They can usually be identified by the “Signature”

Fine wine cellar at Cloverdale


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