Seasonal Celebrations Of course, the swing to the shoulder season doesn’t mean things have to slow down. Hibernation doesn’t happen until winter, after all! Coming up this fall are numerous initiatives and events. At Fernie Brewing, says Symington, “we’re celebrating our 20 th year, so we have a lot of beer-related fun lined up.” Along with the celebrations—including new beers and anniversary-related merch—is an environmental initiative. “Behind the scenes, something exciting we’ve experimented with on a pilot scale is second-use hops. We take hops that have previously been used to dry-hop a beer and reuse them for bittering a second beer. It reduces waste and gives the second brew a nice, smooth bitterness.” Back on seasonal release at Parallel 49 is their Bierfest mix pack, which features four traditional German beers found at Oktoberfest: Schwarzbier, Hefeweizen, German Pilsner and Festbier. Watch for different and interesting hop combinations from Wildeye, as Lindeman and Friesen explain, “We are passionate about creating new and exciting seasonal releases with unique hops that add different flavour profiles to our ales.” Meanwhile, at Field House this fall, Reid is excited about an often overlooked— yet remarkably important—ingredient: “YEAST! The yeast labs of the world have been hard at work and are starting to come out with some really exciting new yeast. At Field House, we like to put LOTS of different ingredients in our beers besides the main four (water, malt, hops, yeast). But we get super excited when one of the main four can do the job of a fifth ingredient.” In other words, expect to find yeast contributing interesting new fruit and other flavour dimensions. The main takeaway? There’s no bad beer season. So, savour the changing seasons and follow the sage advice of local brewmasters.

FERNIE BREWING CO. GHOSTRIDER PUMPKIN BROWN ALE BC $3.69 451821 473 ml Pumpkin. Spice. Hearty malt. Does it get more quintessentially fall? Ghostrider is fall in liquid form, all rich and smooth with a comforting baking spice kick!

HOYNE BREWING FINNEGANS IRISH STOUT BC $3.49 390141 473 ml Named in honour of James Joyce’s writings, this is a full-on, layered and complex stout showing ample roasted malt followed by a rich, creamy and lingering finish.

WILDEYE BREWING EMBERS OAK-SMOKED PORTER BC $17.29 93182 4 × 473 ml The name gives it away, this oak-

FIELD HOUSE BREWING SALTED BLACK PORTER BC $15.79 23683 6 × 355 ml This rich and toasty brown-black Porter is robust and fulsome, not to mention enticingly exotic thanks to its secondary notes of bitter coffee and salty black licorice.

smoked porter pours deep mahogany and gets all cozy with the taste buds thanks to its combination of smoke, chocolate and subtle sweetness.

FOUR WINDS BREWING HÜFTGOLD PILSNER BC $13.29 132106 4 × 473 ml Hüftgold puts straight the misnomer that lager is light and unassuming. This is crisp, yes, but also unabashedly robust with evident, clean maltiness—

PARALLEL 49 BIERFEST MIXER BC $21.99 444089 8 × 473 ml Why settle for just one fall-centric beer? Parallel 49’s mix pack celebrates Oktoberfest with crispy German Pilsner to fun and fruity Hefeweizen, and robust Festbier to dark and roasted Schwarzbier.

lip-smacking with an edge.



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