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Pineapple Upside‑Down Cake

pairs with Spiced Rum Bundt Cake

pairs with Pineapple Upside‑Down Cake

ingredient in Pineapple Upside‑Down Cake LUXARDO MARASCHINO Italy $44.99 467520 This crystal-clear liqueur made from sour marasca cherries has a lovely cherry fragrance that is amplified on the palate with an intense cocktail of cherry, orange marmalade and vanilla flavours.

KAMORA COFFEE LIQUEUR Mexico $19.99 129411 Kamora uses the finest coffee beans to create a decadent, satiny-smooth liqueur displaying brewed coffee, vanilla, caramel and chocolate notes. Try it in a cocktail, in coffee or over ice.

BUMBU THE ORIGINAL RUM Barbados $56.99 281451 Crafted from a blend of fine Barbados rum and selected spices, Bumbu showcases distinctive aromas of tropical banana, Madagascar vanilla and roasted nuts on a rich, rounded palate.



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