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Herbed Stuffing & Westcoast IPA

pairs with Roast Turkey

pairs with Baked Ham

Don’t forget the stuffing! No matter the style, whether classic or contemporary, as long as there are ample herbs in the recipe a great foil is Westcoast IPA (India Pale Ale). It’s bold enough to cut through stuffing’s richness thanks to a stoic malt backbone, but also packed with assertive earthy, dank and citrus hop influence to marry with all those herbs and even roasted chestnuts! A classic North American IPA such as Yellow Dog Play Dead will certainly do the trick. Cranberry Sauce & Fruited Sour Ale Tart and fruity? Yes, that’s the cranberry sauce—and it can also be the beer that goes with said sauce. To be fair, the focus of the meal is likely not the cranberry sauce. However, the reality is that cranberry sauce will make an appearance sloshed around most of the Thanksgiving plate. And it can make a tough pairing partner. So lean into the bold flavours and pour a robust and hearty fruited sour ale. For example, Four Winds’ Nectarous not only mirrors the tart and fruity flavours of cranberry sauce, this dry- hopped sour ale is also robust and complex enough to stand alongside most dishes in a Thanksgiving meal. Pumpkin Pie & Stout Admittedly, to really go for the “like for like” pairing strategy, the obvious pick for pumpkin pie would be pumpkin- spiced ale. No shame in this move, though for another option, consider pouring stout (which also works well if any chocolate-focused desserts are also on the table). For example, Old Yale Brewing’s Sasquatch Stout hits all the right comforting notes of chocolate and espresso to end the meal—and actually works as a standalone liquid dessert too!

PHILLIPS BREWING BLUE BUCK ALE BC $22.29 401106 15 x 355ml The classic BC craft amber ale— now in cans! Blue Buck maintains its engaging, enjoyable complement of earthy, toasty malts with bright Northwest hops.

33 ACRES OF LIFE CALIFORNIA COMMON BC $13.79 772335 6 x 330 ml An easygoing and refreshing Northwest take on a California Common style hybrid lager-ale that combines bright fruit with a hint of piney hop influence, followed by a crisp finish.

pairs with Roast Vegetables

pairs with Herbed Stuffing

STRANGE FELLOWS JONGLEUR WIT BEER BC $12.99 741629 4 x 473 ml Oh the aromas! Assertive coriander and orange citrus abound in this cloudy, slightly spicy, refreshing, smooth and delicious local homage to Belgian Witbier.

YELLOW DOG BREWING PLAY DEAD IPA BC $14.29 5629 4 x 473 ml The big time hop influence (checking in at 75 IBU) is balanced by a robust malt backbone and overt tropical fruit tones in this definitive IPA.

pairs with Cranberry Sauce

pairs with Pumpkin Pie

FOUR WINDS NECTAROUS DRY-HOPPED SOUR BC $14.99 148203 4 x 473 ml This is a treat of a tart but balanced dry-hopped sour swathed with tropical fruit and juicy notes that brings serious

OLD YALE BREWING SASQUATCH STOUT BC $7.39 288605 650 ml Redolent with aromas and flavours of chocolate, ground coffee and dark roasted malts, this quintessential smooth and rich, comforting stout is ready to pair with comfort foods.

complexity for the taste buds.



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