TASTE Fall 2022

by Daenna Van Mulligen

The amount of work that goes into [opening a restaurant]…having the best in the biz around me while opening the best restaurants in the city was amazing.


and working with [restaurant director] Oli Bureau and [owner] Fabrizio Fozzi. The amount of work that goes into it, the experience of the staff—having the best in the biz around me while opening the best restaurants in the city was amazing. I have to add, working at Gotham, it helped me to be the bartender I am today. WHAT INSPIRES YOU WHEN IT COMES TO CREATING DRINKS? It depends on which restaurant [Per Se or Acquafarina] I’m at first. Next, I like seeing what fruit and vegetables are in season. I’ll go into T&T Supermarket and get some of best seasonal stuff I can find and ask the manager what they’ll keep in stock—what I’ll be able to continue getting from them. WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO DRINK ON A NIGHT OUT? In the fall and winter, a Vieux Carré, which is made of cognac, American rye, Bénédictine, sweet vermouth and bitters.

A Margarita. It reminds me of being on vacation—you’re always having a good time when you’re having a Margarita. WHAT ARE “MUST-HAVES” IN YOUR BARTENDER’S TOOLKIT? My Japanese jigger, I love the way it feels. A bar spoon with a good grip, a julep strainer, a good knife, a proper muddler and a juicer—but also hickory for smoking. WHAT PRODUCTS WOULD YOU RECOMMEND FOR SOMEONE WANTING TO START A HOME BAR? For sure base spirits like vodka, gin, tequila, whisky, vermouth and bitters. IS THERE A PRODUCT YOU THINK DESERVES MORE RECOGNITION OR IS CURRENTLY UNDERRATED?

a new box and the spout came loose… The whole thing, 16-litres of red wine, dumped all over the bar and me. I kept trying to plug the hole—it looked like a murder scene. Looking back now, I should have just flipped the box upright. WHAT HAVE BEEN THE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR CAREER SO FAR? I would have to say being on the opening team at Elisa [Yaletown] was one of my highlights along with opening Acquafarina

Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila. It is an outstanding product.

MILLION DOLLAR RIDGE 1½ oz (45 ml) Courvoisier VS Cognac

LUXARDO AMARETTO DI SASCHIRA Italy $27.99 339358 Made using almonds from Avola, Italy, this intensely fragrant amaretto is nutty and velvety smooth, with flavours of candied almond, marzipan, toffee, baking spice and burnt orange peel.

COURVOISIER VS COGNAC France $67.99 1925 A blend of several crus aged three to seven years, Courvoisier VS Cognac delivers layers of smooth, toasty caramel, dried fruit, nougat and orange peel with a complex and luxurious finish.

½ oz (15 ml) Luxardo Amaretto Di Saschira

1 oz (30 ml) fresh orange juice ½ oz (15 ml) fresh lemon juice 3 to 4 fresh mint leaves, smacked ½ oz (15 ml) maple syrup dried orange wheel, for garnish In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine all ingredients, then shake and double strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a dried orange wheel.



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