TASTE Fall 2022

When the Chips Come Out A fter the long, balmy days of summer have dwindled and sweater season is in full swing, we seek comfort in the coziness of indoors. Intimate get-togethers move inside, and we curl up on the sofa watching new seasons of our favourite series.

These are not moments made for a knife and fork. Rather they are built for a great glass of wine in one hand while its very capable twin is free to tuck into our ride-or-die snacks. It’s a win-win. So go ahead and get comfy—we’ve put together a selection of seriously good wines and some cutlery‑free snack ideas to nosh on while you snuggle in.


Prosecco & Chips There is a sparkling wine for every dish. Because bubbly can be made from any variety, it makes pairing a snap. Prosecco comes to mind first when it comes to finger foods and salty snacks. Plain potato chips, salted nuts, corn chips and pork rinds are examples of oily finger-licking bites that benefit from the cleansing power of Prosecco’s bubbles. Its acidity also cleanses the fat from your palate after eating creamy cheeses. Pizza bianco (topped with white cheeses rather than tomato sauce) and pad Thai salad rolls dipped in peanut sauce are also excellent pairings. Made from Glera, the fruity and floral character and delicate bubbles of Bottega Prosecco Gold Brut will partner admirably with all the tasty morsels suggested above.


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