TASTE Fall 2022


To Rothes Or Not To Rothes

GLENLIVET CARIBBEAN RESERVE SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $65.99 59077 Aromas of red apples, bananas and poached pears are followed by rich caramel and tropical fruits on the palate. Try it in a Mai Tai or in a Jungle Bird for the ultimate tropical Scotch-tail.

GLEN GARIOCH 12-YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $62.99 652453 Fresh heather, rich poached pears and the sweetness of malted barley, crème brûlée, sweet ripe fruits and just a hint of oak give this single malt a long, memorable finish.

The Glenrothes, pronounced glen- roth-iss , is named after the small town of Rothes, located along the banks of River Spey in Moray, Scotland. Renowned for producing rich, round and elegant Scotches, this distillery uses a slow distillation process to produce a light and fruity distillate, which is then aged in sherry-seasoned European and American oak barrels. The resulting house style of The Glenrothes is rich, rounded and pleasantly fruity. The whisky delivers a ripe bouquet of melons, vanilla and cinnamon spice. Just a mile down the road, Glen Grant distillery was opened almost four decades before The Glenrothes and thus probably should have been called Glen Rothes (due to it also being located in Rothes). However, founders and brothers John and James Grant decided to use their surname as the distillery’s namesake. Taking this approach to naming is surprisingly uncommon—Glen Grant is the only remaining single malt Scotch distillery to bear its founders’ names. Second generation owner, James “The Major” Grant (son of founder James Grant), truly defined Glen Grant’s style by introducing tall, slender pot stills and purifiers, resulting in a house style that’s light, delicate and floral. Life may be full of peaks and valleys, but these Glen Scotches are a type of valley we can all look forward to.

GLENFIDDICH 12-YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $72.99 12385 Delicate and fruity, this quintessential

GLENROTHES 12-YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $74.99 168586 Matured exclusively in sherry-seasoned oak casks, this single malt is pleasantly fruity with notes of melon, bananas and vanilla that contrast the spiced nutty notes on the palate.

Speyside single malt showcases notes of orchard fruits, creamy butterscotch, malty sweetness and hints of oak.


GLEN GRANT 12-YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY United Kingdom $64.99 224499 Spring florals, pear drops and ambrosia apples emanate on the nose and make way for heather, apple pie and white pepper on the palate, with a moderate finish.

$60.99 110282 This expression possesses the

signature honeyed, orangey notes that Glenmorangie is known for, however, it’s designed for cocktails! Try it in a Rob Roy or Bobby Burns; you won’t be disappointed.



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