TASTE Fall 2022

pairs with Maple Miso Brûlée Sablefish RUFFINO PROSECCO Italy $19.99 192153 This fruity and fragrant Prosecco is characterized by aromas of peaches, apples, pears and lemons with hints of wisteria. The creamy effervescence leaves a soothing sweetness on the lingering finish.

pairs with Maple Miso Brûlée Sablefish YOSHI NO GAWA BREWMASTER’S CHOICE PREMIUM HONJOZO SAKE Japan $23.99 27998 720 ml An elegantly produced sake that offers cereal, soy and whey notes with medium acidity. Serve it at different temperatures over a multi-course meal to explore its flavour nuances.

Maple Miso Brûlée Sablefish

ingredient in Brûlée Brie with Bourbon Cranberries FOUR ROSES BOURBON USA $39.99 442830 Buttered popcorn, caramel apples, sticky toffee pudding and wisps of licorice and oak spice are all present in this nicely balanced bourbon.


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