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DAENNA VAN MULLIGEN Daenna Van Mulligen is a Vancouver-based wine journalist, but is typically found in the world’s vineyards. She is also a wine judge, accredited sommelier and international speaker. Daenna is publisher of the long-running websites WineDiva.ca and Winescores.ca. She has been published in numerous local and internationally distributed publications and is a regular contributor to Vines Magazine and, more recently, Montecristo Magazine . Follow her @thewinediva.

Brother’s Bond Bourbon is an exceedingly approachable bourbon, warm and smooth with subtle apricot, spice and nutty flavours.

HOW INVOLVED ARE THE TWO OF YOU IN THE WHOLE PROCESS? IAN: We’re both equally involved and hands on. We went all in… Paul is in Toronto right now filming— so we tag team! PAUL: It’s a full time job. We balance

ARE YOU PLANNING ANY MORE COLLABORATIONS? PAUL: Yes! A cask strength, a rye, an 8-year…etc. Always within the bourbon family of course and always with the DNA of our original base brand! CANADIAN BROTHER * 1½ oz (45 ml) Brother’s Bond Bourbon ½ oz (15 ml) maple syrup ½ oz (15 ml) lemon juice 5 blueberries and 1 orange wheel Add whiskey, maple syrup and lemon

Amazing memories. I’ve spent many, many New Year’s Eve and ski vacations there. WHO IS THE BIGGER BOURBON DRINKER OF THE TWO OF YOU? PAUL: I am but Ian will say it’s him. IAN: We love it equally. We bond over our bourbon. WHAT MAKES YOUR BOURBON STAND OUT FROM OTHERS? PAUL: We blended it ourselves in our kitchens. If you were to come to our houses, this is the bourbon we would serve you—this is our bourbon through and through. Everything from the bottle to the label to the juice is deeply personal to us. IAN: I love that I am creating a legacy. My daughter is turning five. I want Brother’s Bond to be part of her legacy, too. WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE IAN: Neat or straight out of the bottle! But there are also so many great recipes on our website, like the Canadian Brother featured here. ANY PARTICULAR FOODS YOU LIKE TO PAIR WITH IT? WAY TO DRINK IT? PAUL: On the Rocks. IAN: I like to pair it with the food from where I came from—light seafood and fish with citrusy sauces, game meats, roasted potatoes and root vegetables and Asian fusion.

one another. That’s the beauty of there being two brothers.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED WHILE TRAVELLING AROUND AMERICA, PROMOTING YOUR BOURBON? PAUL: It’s all about being organic, having a genuine story and uncompromising quality. Nothing else matters. IAN: Bourbon is a true American spirit. It’s inspirational and it’s textural. I feel it brings people together, so it has to be meaningful. We also have to be authentic and so our bourbon must immediately appeal to all [legal drinking] ages, from all backgrounds. IS CANADA THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL MARKET WHERE YOU’RE NOW SELLING YOUR BOURBON? PAUL: Yes, it is! Canada is major. Canadians love whisky. IF EITHER OF YOU HAVE BEEN TO VANCOUVER, CAN YOU SHARE A FOND MEMORY ABOUT YOUR TIME HERE? PAUL: Yes! I’ve spent so much time up there and even lived there. That’s where we filmed the pilot for The Vampire Diaries.

to a cocktail shaker. Muddle fruit with ingredients. Add ice and shake for 15 seconds. Strain into lowball glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a fresh orange twist and blueberries.

BROTHER’S BOND BOURBON USA $69.99 279500 Expect engaging notes of dried apricot and saltwater taffy, warm honey, toasted hazelnuts and subtle smoky spices. Slick and warm on the tongue, it doles out flavours of dried stone fruits, vanilla and a hint of banana. Visit bcliquorstores.com for store availabililty.



* Cocktail recipe courtesy of Brother’s Bond

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