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Banchan is a broad category of small dishes, with lots of flavour, that accompany and enhance the Korean barbecue meal.

pairs with Korean Short Ribs

pairs with Grilled Pork Belly

pairs with Spicy Grilled Chicken

DOMINIO DEL PLATA BENMARCO MALBEC Argentina $26.99 355321 This new Malbec from Susana Balbo’s BenMarco line has luscious ripe red fruits embodied by firm acidity and taut tannins. Superb paired with ribs and barbecued meats.

CHAMISUL CLASSIC JINRO South Korea $8.79 873208 360 ml This classic soju, made from distilled fermented grains, is the vodka of Korea. This smooth spirit is complemented by a light, refreshing, subtle fruity taste.

CHUM CHURUM PEACH SOJU South Korea $8.49 699397 360 ml Chum Churum’s flavoured soju incorporates alkaline water and lower alcohol content for a smoother, softer taste profile. Enjoy the sweet peach flavour with barbecued meats, tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) or ramen.

pairs with Korean Barbecue

pairs with Korean Barbecue

pairs with Korean Barbecue

QUAILS’ GATE DRY RIESLING BC VQA $19.99 308312 A perennial favourite, this crisp Riesling offers aromas of green apple, apple blossom, white peach and hints of wet slate. It is dry, zesty and refreshing on the palate.

STEAMWORKS LIONS GATE LAGER BC $21.99 175370 12 x 355 ml Crisp, clean and refreshing, this Helles style lager is the perfect companion for

PARALLEL 49 CRAFT PACK BC $21.99 186059 12 x 355 ml A crowd-pleasing mixed pack offering four cans each of Parallel 49’s refreshing and iconic Craft Lager, Craft Pale Ale and Craft Pilsner.

any occasion and any dish.



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